Catman's Column - Not getting Personal with Sammy George

Catman's Column - Not getting Personal with Sammy George 0001

This week I toddled off to the Victoria Casino for a little rap with the biggest, baddest, rude Boy of European poker, 'Sammy 'any two' George' the only player that has contractually committed to taking on Tom Durrrr Dwan in the million dollar challenge.

The ever mysterious Catgirl came along to see what she could learn from the big man: "Big games Catgirl?" says Any Two, "Big enough'" Catgirl replies." I detect that she really liked Sammy, for it would be far too easy to get the wrong idea of this high rollers game. Are there any European's playing bigger live cash than Sammy on a regular basis, (I have watched him at a table with £3 million on in total, in the UK) the answer is a simple no.

Global News Flash, I can now officially confirm that Sammy G has the biggest balls in poker. Sammy admits to 95% No Fear, saying the other 5% of Real Fear are vital for self-survival. He joins Gus Hansen who is probably 100% No Fear an extremely rare trait discovered when Catgirl and I performed the same proven sports psychological testing.

Sammy was last reported rapping (actually chatting) with Nelly in Vegas, apparently drives a million squids worth of motors (not at once) and loves it a bit of bling. Fame and fortune can easily lead to a little biatch assed jealousy, and Sammy has been slated and torn apart in the forums for his any 2 game. The G is in fact a sensational representative and ally, not only of his sponsors Full Tilt but also of the new breed of young blooded poker players. To top it he has only been learning poker for 3years.

The G Man is passionate about representing the British Flag in this Anglo Yank Battle and is totally a case of "Never judge a book by its cover.' Sammy G knows how to leave his ego in idle, unlike most pros or someone with such a huge bankroll, he is inspired, passionate, wants to do good, and above all exudes style, manners and charm. The Catgirl agrees to pose for a photo with Sammy G, a man about to be Europe's Biggest Poker Star, watch this space.

Over on Facebook, high stakes cash / tournament pedigree poker player, Robin Keston and I are discussing the merits of a "nudge gambler bell fruit" You Tube video, which nearly made me vomit. Robin came up with the suggestion of 'Ben Grundy,' to take on Durrrr, saying with the right structure and ante, Ben could take Durrrr if the game was PLO only. Not a bad point, The Milky Bar Kid is definitely more than good enough, but what is his nut size.

So after experiencing chats with two of the nicest poker stars I know, I invite the Catgirl for a little training down at International Club in London. The place was heaving and the first face of note was the legend Michael "Seat Here" Arnold. Amanda ' TV Star' William's was at my table, and king of low stakes poker events, Steve Blapo was sitting at the Catgirls table. I am having a lot of fun, this particularly table was full of callers, relaxing, pure fun and very good banter. The International has excellent staff and serves its purpose perfectly.

Previously, Sammy G told the Catgirl that he had studied her game, enjoyed her pokerface, which was very still and serious, and he would look elsewhere for tells, good points.

Bad points, one hour in to the International game, the Catgirl wanders over, how's your table is your table I enquire: "It is Ok except for the complete wanker in the yellow Hawaiian shirt." The Catgirl has adopted a little of my charming slang and was obviously mildly pissed. "Do not take anything personally, you are here for training, so imagine him as a large numpty, love him and await for him to pay you," I replied. Learning to control emotion is such a huge part of any game, but when some tart especially in a Hawaiian Shirt goes from verbal to personal insults it stinks of a Bully Boy. A bit like driving a car, no one holds a grudge after being mildly chopped up, but the tailgater in the middle lane at 70 Mph, is unforgivable.

Shelly Rubenstein a very acknowledged journalist, TV producer, poker player once told me, that Catgirl could expect to be abused, it was part of being a female in poker.... is it Feck. There is banter and then there is abuse. Our agreement in poker is that the Catgirl deals with it, never to tell me what tormentors say (at the venue), unless it is personal, or a hand has been laid upon her, which has indeed happened once.

When I was 15years and working a night-club door, a boxer chap had cracked a couple of my ribs, the big boss said to me: "Always remember the compliments and forgot the insults and pain," I literally cried from the pain but, but forget this minor insult I did.

Poker is a joy, but surely the young guns of poker seem to mash the older players (e.g. Hawaiian Shirt), in good moods, smiles and manners at the table. It's a loose statement, but true.

Forget the Olympics, the WSOP Europe presented by' Betfair,' is far more fun and offers a lot more value. Even though Ben Fried virtually told me to bugger off out of the VIP area last year (did I say forget insults), even tho' I can't blag a seat from Betfair, I still offer my full humble support to this massive monument to European Poker. I also thank them for allowing me to have so much fun, interviewing stars and learning that Chris 'Jesus' Ferguson is one of the nicest Yanks around. Alas Catgirl's is playing WSOP E qualifier's online at Betfair, which she is not too happy about. The great news is that 3 days before the qualifier Sunday 9th August, I spoke to an inside source who told me there was only 23 players for a qualifier with 2 guaranteed $20,000 packages. The qualifiers for WSOP Europe have always been value, but this is sensational.

Betfair are also offering a Free Roll $1,000,000 Game, qualify daily, leading to regional live finals and a grand final all the way to the Betfair WSOPE Million Dollar Game with a Million Dollar first prize and loads more. Betfair have pumped Millions into poker, they have brought WSOP Bracelets to London, from £1,000 NL Hold'em to the massive main event. The WSOPE $500 main event qualifiers are every Sunday and of course you can take the Freeroll route too, it makes sense. Simply follow this this Link.

Finally, one of the greatest poker promoter's ever, Mr Michael Casselli and his Lyceum team, bring you a great free poker event in Leicester Square, London: 'Poker in The Park,' from 13th – 14th of August. No one in the world throws a party like Mr Casselli and his team, apart from me of course lol.

3 More Golden Impossible Rules to Winning in Life and Poker

Never go over the top – Do not get personal

Forget Insults – Remember Compliments

Never take it personally – Controlling Emotion is the key.

Catman Poker Agent and spreader of love and happiness.

Ed Note: Check out our exclusive interview with Sammy George next week

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