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Devilfish to Speak at Oxford Student Union, PKR Help Raise £100,000 for Charity + more

Devilfish to Speak at Oxford Student Union, PKR Help Raise £100,000 for Charity + more 0001

Devilfish to Speak at Oxford Union

Dave 'the Devilfish' Ulliott will be joining an elite group of people that include Albert Einstein, Richard Nixon, Winston Churchill, Malcolm X, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Mother Teresa, the Dalai Lama, Diego Maradonna and Kermit the Frog this weekend when he takes a question and answer session from students of Oxford University. One of the few poker pros in the UK who is beginning to bridge the gap between poker celebrity and real celebrity (albeit nowhere near the A List yet), Ulliott will take the session ahead of the £20 Oxford Cup in June, which is in its 8th year.

I made two predictions when I saw the headline for the press release, one would be that Dave would use the opportunity to try and cop off with some student girls and the other that the words 'university of life' or 'school of life' would feature somewhere in Ulliott's address, so let's hear what he had to say:

"As a hard working graduate of the University of Life, it's a real honour to be asked to speak at the Union where some of the great minds and talents of the last 200 years have gone before. Poker is a complex game that suits brilliant thinkers like me and while I don't know most of the people who have spoken there over the years I'm a big fan of Kermit the Frog and to take to the same stage as him is humbling. After the debate I'm off to speak to the BBC World Service and I expect the United Nations will probably want me next week."

Sometimes he is a Gent and others he is a monster at the tables, occasionally a comedy character and equally a moody intimidating presence – whatever you think of him, hats off to the Devilfish for keeping poker in the public eye in the UK.

PKR help Raise £100,000 for Charity

Last weekend the good folks at PKR teamed up with the charity One to One Children's Fund to raise money for disadvantaged children worldwide at the Sketch restaurant in London. For the 3rd year in a row PKR co hosted the Omar Sharif charity tournament and raised a staggering £100,000 in the process.

Michael Greco, Dexter Fletcher, Norman Pace, Colin Murray, Richard Herring and Hardeep Singh Kohli (That bloke off 'I bet you £50 you watch this show') all were amongst the celebrity players, as were Roland De Wolfe and Kara Scott. The winner was non other than women's world open champion Beverly Pace, who continues to rack up the big results for both herself, women's poker in general and of course the good work poker players are doing in the name of charity.

DTD Grand Slam Update

Dusk Till Dawn are about to host their first main event of the year, the £1000 Grand Slam that incorporates a WSOP style structure and is a 5 day event. There are going to be plenty of online qualifiers for the main event, but if you can't pony up a grand or just want to get down to the club to soak up the atmosphere, the side event schedule has been released and as you can see, there is something for everyone. We particularly like the look of the three £250 events, which we understand are all two days long each.

Weds 27th
8pm £25 No Limit capped at 90
Thurs 28th
3pm £250 No Limit 10,000 chips 45 minute clock
8pm £50 No Limit capped at 81
Fri 29th
3pm £250 No Limit 10,000 chips 45 minute clock
8pm £75 No Limit capped at 81
8.15pm £25 No Limit capped at 81
Sat 30th
3pm £250 No Limit 10,000 chips 45 minute clock
8pm £50 No Limit no cap
Sun 31st May
3pm £150 No Limit 6000 chips 30 minute clock
8pm £75 No Limit no cap
8.15pm £25 No Limit no cap

What do you think?

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