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TheGoingRate, viksha and marzello take down big sunday events

TheGoingRate, viksha and marzello take down big sunday events 0001

Spring is in the air, the days are getting longer and everything is looking brighter. All the budding poker players are coming out of the woodwork to get in some practise before the summer gets here when it will be WSOP time again. There is no better way to do that than to take part in tourneys with nice big fields and with buy – ins for all bankrolls these tournaments really are a great way to warm up and hone your skills.

Sunday Warm Up – PokerStars

Starting at 5:45 GMT on a Sunday afternoon the warm up is a great tournament, especially for Europeans who can win over $100k and still be in bed at a reasonable hour. 4223 players entered this week creating a prize pool of $844,600.00.

Viksha was this week's Sunday Warm Up winner after just 9 hours of play. Viksha dominated through out and got his well deserved win after steam through the other players , playing aggressive and laying low at the right times.

Finally he was heads up with grebnrets86 but viksha's chip stack was so huge that grebnrets86 hardly stood a chance. So grebnrets86 in desperation tried to make a move on a {10-Clubs} {4-Diamonds} {k-Spades} {4-Clubs} {3-Hearts} board, he pushed all in on the river with {6-Clubs} {7-Clubs}, viksha made the call with second pair {10-Hearts} {q-Hearts}, winning the pot and winning the game.

Congratulations viksha for winning the Sunday Warm Up and the $108,953.40.

Final table results:

1: viksha -$108,953.40

2: grebnrets86 -$76,014.00

3: Brughtality -$50,676.00

4: flex212derde -$42,230.00

5: miw700 -$33,784.00

6: cobusie -$25,338.00

7: homner -$16,892.00

8: LunchTime645 -$10,557.50

9: 00psiedaisy -$6,841.26

Sunday Two Hundred Thousand – PokerStars

29999 people took part in the $200k game this week, paying only $10 + 1 for their chance to win some of the $299,990.00 prize pool a perfect way to get that big tournament practise in. After fighting their way through thousands of players, the final table was formed.

First out was short stacker KingGorn who pushed all his chips in pre-flop with {a-Clubs} {2-Clubs} from the button, to be instantly called by the small blind jregis who turned over {a-Hearts} {8-Hearts}, a board of {9-Diamonds} {5-Diamonds} {a-Diamonds} {7-Spades} {k-Hearts} meant kickers played and jregis took the pot down, sending KingGorn away in 9th place.

The next big hand involved igesprocan who found himself in trouble when jesper-esk put in a small raise, igesprocan re-raised all in, argente called the all in for over half his stack but argente had to lay it down when jesper-esk re-re-raised all in. With only igesprocan and jesper-esk left in the hand both sets of cards where turned revealing {a-Diamonds} {k-Hearts} for igesprocan vs. the {k-Spades} {k-Clubs} of jesper-esk. The flop bought many outs for igesprocan when it fell {2-Hearts} {6-Hearts} {4-Hearts}, the turn card though was only {7-Spades}, it was the {q-Hearts} that saved him and gave igesprocan a flush and a huge chip lead.

Jesper-esk went all in pre-flop the very next hand with {a-Diamonds} {q-Hearts} only to be beaten by the very hand that just lost him his chips – poker Kings! Jesper-esk was not so lucky, an uneventful board meant he as out of the game in 8th place.

The rest of the players were booted off the table one by one until there were only 3 left, jregis- marzello and UBERMENSCH84. UBERMENSCH84 was out in 3rd place after his {j-Hearts} {K} was beaten by jregiswho held {a-Diamonds} {9-Hearts}.

Heads Up stacks were pretty even, both players had around 40/50m; play took awhile with both players trying hard to hit that top spot. Eventually the two players found a hand they were both willing to commit to and a raising battle ensued, resulting in the pair being all in pre-flop. Cards on their backs showed marzello with pocket tens {10-Spades} {10-Hearts} and jregis with {a-Clubs} {9-Spades}, the flop of {7-Clubs} {7-Diamonds} {9-Hearts} looked pretty for jregis but it didn't actually change anything, marzello was still winning –turn {4-Clubs} and river {7-Hearts} sealed the deal giving marzello the higher full house and the first place finish.

Final table results:

1: marzello -$28,499.06

2: jregis -$20,999.31

3: UBERMENSCH84 -$14,999.51

4: Birkis -$11,999.61

5: igesprocan -$8,999.71

6: argente -$5,999.81

7: kmel9201 -$4,499.86

8: jesper-esk -$2,999.91

9: KingGorn -$2,249.93

Sunday Million – PokerStars

Staggering amounts of money are won in this tournament every week. This week was no different with the first place finisher taking away nearly $200k and another 1169 players also cashing for a slice of the delicious prize pool.

A deal was made when there were only four players left giving each player over $100k a very nice pay day in anybody's book. Play resumed. First of the four deal makers to be out was kuzman89 who went all in pre-flop with {a-Clubs} {j-Clubs} and was called by TheGoingRate {7-Clubs} {7-Diamonds}, the board {8-Diamonds} {3-Hearts} {4-Spades} {q-Spades} {6-Diamonds} meant the going rate for kuzman89 was all his chips as he shipped them over and finished 4th.

Kürschner was the player to finish 3rd. He raised from under the gun and was called by TheGoingRate, the flop fell {10-Hearts} {7-Hearts} {k-Spades}, Kürschner bets – the going rate raises and Kürschner calls. Turn {4-Hearts}, Kürschner check raises TheGoingRate who comes back over the top with an all in, Kürschner quickly calls and the hole cards are revealed, Kürschner shows {k-Clubs} {10-Diamonds} two pair, while TheGoingRate flips up {9-Hearts} {8-Hearts} for a flush, only a king or a ten river could have saved Kürschner, but alas the river was {2-Spades}, leaving the final two players heads up.

Heads Up only lasted a few minutes the final hand came when steakstud tried to catch up with TheGoingRate, the hand had got as far as the turn with not much action so when steakstud went all in there we all thought he would take the pot down, unfortunately for him, TheGoingRate had other plans. Cards so far were {7-Diamonds} {j-Hearts} {q-Clubs} {j-Diamonds} both layers were all in, steakstud showed two pair {a-Clubs} {7-Spades} but TheGoingRate had been hiding top pair up his sleeve with {q-Diamonds} {4-Hearts}, giving him a higher two pair, the river {8-Hearts} bought no help for steakstud making TheGoingRate this week's Sunday Million winner.

TheGoingRate, viksha and marzello take down big sunday events 101

Final table results:

1: TheGoingRate- $198,891.00

2: steakstud -$134,109.36

3: Kürschner -$90,921.60

4: kuzman89 -$73,873.80

5: apestyles -$57,637.80

6: ferminaitor -$41,401.80

7: George2Loose -$28,413.00

8: 1stAir -$18,671.40

9: Confused1 -$11,365.20

Congratulations to TheGoingRate, marzello, viksha and all this week's winner. Who knows where the new spring mood will take us, we will find out next week.

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