GUKPT Side Event Results, CEREUS Rake Race + more

GUKPT Side Event Results, CEREUS Rake Race + more 0001

Improved Features at 888 Poker

888 Poker have gone from a popular standalone poker room to a fully fledged thriving network, and have recently upgraded their software. Starting this month, players will be able to transfer funds directly to each other via their poker accounts. A new improved time bank feature will also be introduced, to give you extra time over those tough calls.

Hand Histories will now save direct to your computer, which means 888 Poker will now be compatible with Pokertracker and Hold'em Manager. They will also be debuting password protected private tournaments, where you can specify who attends or make an exclusive to take part.

Finally, and maybe most importantly, the deposit bonus has received a massive boost, so when you sign up to 888 Poker now you can reap the benefits of a 100% bonus up to $400. Don't forget that 888 Poker will soon be hosting satellites to the London Poker Circuit main event later on this year too.

$220,000 Rake Race on CEREUS

UltimateBet and Absolute Poker will be giving loyal customers more value for their time at the tables this month, with a juicy $220,000 Rake race. To qualify for UltimateBet's Points Race promo and Absolute Poker's Race Cards contest, online poker players must earn RAI$E Status Points at UltimateBet or FAME Status Points at Absolute Poker by playing in any real-money raked poker game between March 1st and 31st.

The 200 top earners in March on each sites leader board will share $200,000 which includes $15,000 for first place, $14,000 and $13,000 for 2nd and 3rd respectively and at least $1000 for anyone in the top 30. Rake Race players will also be able to check the leaderboard personally to see what prize they're playing for at any given time. An invitation to a freeroll for an additional $20,000 will be extended to the top 1,000 Status Point earners on each leader board.

More excellent value reasons to join the ever growing CEREUS network, especially when you consider the amazing $1,600 sign up bonus you can earn on top of that when you sign up to UltimateBet via Pokernews.

GUKPT Walsall Side Event Results

We all know by now about Sunny Chattha's success in Walsall, but what about all the other winners during the 9 day festival? With a seat into the £100,000 Champion of Champions event at the end of the year for all of them, winning a side event is still a massive deal. Dave Colclough is making an early surge on the GUKPT rankings with a 2nd place in the rebuy event, following his win in the PLO event in Brighton. Mickey Wernick is doing the same, having made three GUKPT finals already this year, including the main event. Tom McCready is a name you may not have heard of but will recognise his face from the Sky Poker Dictionary series, and he won the £250 event as well as making another final table.

£100 NLH Rebuy
1st 1st Essy Jahanpour £5,140
2nd David Colclough £3,480
3rd Joseph Grech £2,180
4th Cornelius Cronin £1,300
5th Darshan Sami £1,020
6th Mohammed Shakoor £800
7th David Lissner £58

£150 NLH Freezeout
1st Michael Nicholas £6,090
2nd Jonny Hewston £3,940
3rd Kevin Ho £2,690
4th Satnam Sandhu £1,680
5th Matthew James £1,200
6th Paul Ruddy £960
7th Hoang Tran £770
8th Peter Smith £580
9th Tom McCready £380
£200 NLH
1st Andrew Probyn £11,250
2nd Henry Griffiths £7,200
3rd Russell Figg £4,860
4th Geoffrey Button £3,060
5th Greg Hunt £2,160
6th Waseem Shahid £1,800
7th Michael Annis £1,440
8th Simon Eggleton £1,080
9th Kuljinder Sidhu £720
£300 Double Chance NLH
1st Ash Ahmed £15,770
2nd Christodoulos Nicou £10,080
3rd Scott Reid £6,800
4th Michael Miller £4,280
5th Callum Wright £3,020
6th Mickey Wernick £2,520
7th Karl Fenton £2,020
8th Pater Mains £1,510
9th Ramazanali Abbassi £1,010
£250 PLO Freezeout
1st Harprit Gurnham £7,920
2nd Michael Ellis £5,280
3rd Stephen Davies £3,600
4th James Ballantyne £2,160
5th Jonathan Heath £1,620
6th Mick McCool £1,260
7th Paul Jackson £960
8th Ben Callinan £720
9th Steve Jelinek £480
£100 NL Hold'em Freezeout
1st Alan Stearn £3,770
2nd Asmat Asghar £2,460
3rd Robert Cowen £1,700
4th Darren Rideout £1,050
5th Amandeep Atwal £760
6th Paul Roper £580
7th Dominic Kay £470
8th Gareth Teatum £350
9th Nazir Hussain £230
£100 NL Hold'em Freezeout
1st Simon Eggleton £3,980
2nd Tracy Taylor £2,600
3rd Sally Ann Bentley £1,800
4th Sarren Sutton £1,120
5th Ian Gascoigne £810
6th Adam Wilson £620
7th Pamela Button £500
8th Lynne Beaumont £370
9th Toni Dicesare £250
£250 NLH
1st Tom McCready £7,590
2nd Theo Tsouvallaris £5,060
3rd MZ Hussain £3,450
4th Ismail Yusuf £2,070
5th James Browning £1,550
6th Lynne Beaumont £1,210
7th Rajendra Kumar Patel £920
8th Chris Bury £690
9th Ben Vinson £460
£100 NL Bounty
1st David Johnson £1,645
2nd Ian Tweedie £1,170
3rd Jason Clarke £730
4th Chintu Pattani £460
5th Caroline Button £320
6th Geoffrey Button £250

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