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Grosvenor Casino & Renezvous Casino: Poker in Brighton

Grosvenor Casino & Renezvous Casino: Poker in Brighton 0001

Brighton Casino's

- Brighton has always been one of the most popular places in the UK for a long weekend away. The obvious attraction of the beach front attracts some people, the history of the Mod subculture as seen in the film Quadrophenia brings in many other tourists and the stunning night life and music festivals makes it a great stop for a weekend of partying and stag/hen nights. But Brighton is also one of the premier places in the UK to play poker all year round.

There are three casinos in Brighton although the Mint Casino doesn't really accommodate poker. But the two venues that do boast a card room have between them one of the busiest and toughest poker scenes in the UK. Brighton is such a big part of UK poker that popular UK player James 'Royal Flush' Dempsey made a serious contention for European Player of the Year in 2007 based almost purely on his results in the South Coast Town. Brighton is also the new home of Cardrunners instructor Brian Townsend and his girlfriend and player Kara Scott, which will surely only add to the thriving poker scene down there.

The Grosvenor Casino is just a short walk from the Sea Front and opens early every day to host cash games. Like a lot of buildings in Brighton, it's probably a little bit older than the other Grosvenor's you may have been too, but once you set foot inside its as modern and impressive as you would expect from the Grosvenor chain. The regular schedule is more aimed at the lower stakes players, but it does host the biggest festival of all – the popular GUKPT Brighton which has just had its 3rd outing. The attendances for this event were massive and with its superb nightlife, makes it one of the better week long poker trips on the GUKPT calendar. The Grosvenor has also hosted APAT events in the past.

The Grosvenor Casino can be found at 9 Grand Junction Road, Brighton, BN1 1PP and their weekly schedule looks like this:

Mondays: £10 NLH R/B, 90 mins R/B and top up.
Tuesdays: £5 NLH R/B, 90 mins R/B and top up.
Wednesdays: £10 NLH R/B, 90 mins R/B and top up.
Thursdays: £2 NLH R/B, 90 mins R/B and top up.
Fridays: £10 PLH R/B "Rookie Night", 60 mins R/B and top up.
Saturdays: £10 NLH R/B, 90 mins R/B and top up.
Sundays: £30 NLH R/B, 90 mins R/B and top up.
On the first Sunday of every month: a £20 NLH Freezeout Guaranteed prize pool of £5,000 (60 players+)

The Rendezvous Casino is a real poker players Casino, located in the plush Brighton Marina this is a much fancier venue set across several floors with second to none customer service. There is a regular mix of cash games to suit all levels as well as one of the best tournament and festival line ups in the country. The Casino hosts around six festivals a year, such as the January Sales, the Sussex Masters and the Summer Breeze, all of which are weeklong affairs with £500 main events.

The games here are by no means the softest in the world, as a lot of big players reside here, but the locals are very welcoming and there is a fantastic atmosphere in the card room.

The weekly schedule, which is considerably higher stakes than the Grosvenor, looks like this:

£30 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy. Start time: 8.15pm
£20 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy. Start time: 8.15pm
£50 No Limit Hold'em Freezeout. Start time: 8.15pm
£10 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy. Start time: 8.15pm
£50 No Limit Hold'em Rebuy. Start time: 7.15pm

Ladbrokes Poker are hosting the Easter Rendezvous at this venue in April between Monday the 6th and Sunday the 12th. You can win an exclusive package which includes £500+£50 for the main event, $230 in expenses and the winner of the main event also wins an added value Las Vegas Dream Package as well as adding seats in their Killarney Festival for the winners of the side events.

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