bigdennys wins FullTilt $1million GTD: bigdennys in the Sunday Wrap-Up

bigdennys wins FullTilt $1million GTD: bigdennys in the Sunday Wrap-Up 0001

I have just started driving lessons, it reminds me of when I first learnt hold'em, starting off slowly, not taking too many risks; then someone shouting at me "Why did you do that!" and "Never do that again!!". Well lessons aren't an issue for 'LosChief', 'SpaceyFCB' and 'bigdennys' who have studied hard and passed their tests with flying colours last night when they each beat thousands of players to make over $100k each, with 'LosChief' and 'bigdennys' making over $200k each.

Sunday Warm Up – PokerStars

As always the wheels of Sunday's big poker games were set into motion with the start of the 750k GTD Sunday Warm Up over on PokerStars.

4180 players paid $200 +$15 to take a seat in this much loved game, exceeding the guarantee by $86k. With the first place price a few grand more than usual standing at $107,844 and 630 places paid it was well worth the buy-in and the usual hopeful's and hopeless were clicking their way towards the final table.

Talking of hopefully, I noticed Drago0906, final table finisher in the first Warm Up of 2009, was sitting high in 46th place when I checked the standings just over three hours into the game. He eventually went out 305th getting a payout of $668.80, not a bad effort!

Final table results:

1: SpaceyFCB (Hansbeke), $107844.00

2: IM CRU (LAKE GROVE), $75240.00

3: sanuk7 (ryde), $50160.00

4: Sibirn (Bergen), $41800.00

5: cjf123 (bridgewater), $33440.00

6: wtfsvi (Tromsø), $25080.00

7: Gripen76 (närpes), $16720.00

8: Montilja (Malmoe), $10450.00

9: wieselsen (Schenklengsfeld), $6771.60

Sunday Million – PokerStars

8260 Players registered for this week's big one on PokerStars exceeding the $1.5m guaranteed prize pool by $152k. The field boasted the usual flock of pro's with Team PokerStars very own Barry (barryg1) Greenstein and Chris (Money800) Moneymaker going steady in the tournament as the field edged towards the bubble.

First place cash this week was $200,057.20 and 1260 places were paid. Pepelepeu007 had their eyes on the prize after just over 3 hours of play sitting comfortably in first in chips with 100k more than the 2nd place runner, BR@V0.

BR@V0 eventually managed a 28th place finish taking $2,973.60 for their effort. Pepelepeu007 slipped a little further and finished in 288th place with $1,156.40 as a reward.

The usual good and bad beats sent players to the virtual rail over the course of 10 hours. The final table took shape when Mr.Vargas_8 had his pocket jacks cracked by the pocket nines of twopairdad going out in 10th place taking $8,260. Here's how the final table stacks looked when players took their seats.

twopairdad - 18,272,833

LosChief - 12,200,744

Oracle MCA - 11,041,821

AngeL_fH - 9,848,917

Birdstone44 - 8,614,498

play2call - 7,921,473

dyeti - 5,459,890

Raccabacka - 4,982,369

swifterjet - 4,257,455

There were five players left when the final table really started to get interesting.Oracle MCA had been making him self a few chips here and had gotten into 3rd place chips wise. So no one expected him to be the player to leave in the place. But then swifterjet went all in pre flop with {a-Diamonds} {a-Clubs}, Oracle MCA called with {a-Spades} {9-Hearts}, severely dominated Oracle MCA lost the hand as expected leaving him last in chips.

Oracle MCA held on for a while but was finally knocked out with swifterjet not far behind him finishing 4th. Next out was twopairdad who called the pre flop all in of birdstone44, birdstone44 was holding {k-Hearts} {Q} and twopairdad had called with {3-Hearts} {3-Clubs} a flop of {j-Clubs} {8-Spades} {6-Spades} and the turn {10-Clubs} was looking good for twopairdad until the river fell {9-Diamonds} giving Birdstone44 a straight and sending twopairdad off in 3rd place.

Heads up took 20 mins, Birdstone44 at one point losing a huge pot when he had to fold to LosChief's river bet. After the hand Birdstone44 said "tell me that one after please?" LosChief agreed. Birdstone44 eventually went all in pre flop with {k-Hearts} {j-Spades} and was quickly called by {k-Clubs} {5-Clubs}, only to be beaten by a bad beat. {a-Spades} {9-Clubs} {10-Spades} was the flop all good for Birdstone44 until the turn fell {5-Spades} and river {8-Diamonds}, Birdstone44 was out. LosChief had won the game.

bigdennys wins FullTilt million GTD: bigdennys in the Sunday Wrap-Up 101

Final table results:

1: LosChief (Scunthorpe), $200057.20 (12.11%)

2: Birdstone44 (Westfield), $134638.00 (8.15%)

3: twopairdad (Lexington), $91686.00 (5.55%)

4: swifterjet (Aurora), $74340.00 (4.50%)

5: Oracle MCA (Steamboat Springs), $57820.00 (3.50%)

6: dyeti (Kingsnorth), $41300.00 (2.50%)

7: play2call (Ritterhude), $28910.00 (1.75%)

8: AngeL_fH (Recife), $18998.00 (1.15%)

9: Raccabacka (Stockholm), $11564.00

$1 Million Guaranteed – [URL=""]FullTilt


There was also plenty of prize money to be won over on FullTilt this weekend with the once a month addition of a $1million GTD tournament in place of the usual $750k GTD.

The buy-in is raised to $500 +$35 but with just 2247 entrants and a guarantee breaking prize pool of $1,123,500 it was well worth the stake.

The FullTilt pro's were out in force too with no less than 29 of them registered for the game. Chip Jett got the wooden spoon going out 2156th followed closely by the Crazy Horse Ram Vaswani who trotted off in 2154th place. Amanda 'Mandy B' Baker did the best out of the FullTilt pro's stealing a 39th place finish taking $2,696.

bigdennys had a big chip lead early on in the final table, and didn't stop taking the chips of his fellow players until he had every last one. The first 6 players were out within 50mins but it would take another 20 until it was all over. All chip stacks were pretty even when there were only 3 players left, bigdennys still holding a slight lead.

pokerfiend48 found himself after losing big hands to both the other players. gboro780 took the last of his chips, he went all in on pokerfiend48's big blind, pokerfiend called and showed {a-Clubs} {5-Hearts} while gboro780 flipped over {10-Clubs} {8-Diamonds}, the first card to fall was {8-Spades} giving gboro780 a pair, when pokerfiend48 hit nothing he was out in 3rd position. Heads up was short and sweet, both players were even almost the whole time until they got into a raising battle on a {4-Spades} {q-Spades} {k-Hearts} flop and ended up all in bigdennys showed two pair {k-Diamonds} {4-Diamonds} while gboro780 was on a flush draw with {j-Spades} {7-Spades} Turn {a-Clubs} gave gboro780 an extra outs but it wasn't to be, the river card {9-Diamonds} sealed the deal for bigdennys who finished the game as the winner of the $1million guaranteed.

Final table results:

1: bigdennys - $206,106.08

2: gboro780 -$126,506.10

3: pokerfiend48 - $82,801.95

4: 4kappa - $66,061.80

5: luckbox - $49,995.75

6: icefisherman5 - $35,952

7: shhhookem - $26,402.25

8: callcallfold - $20,672.40

9: jkerr31 - $15,729

FullTilt poker will be back to their usual $750k guaranteed next week. Congrats to all this week's winners, must feel extra good to win it on the million dollar week.

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