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The Sunday Wrap-up. METZMAGNY Takes down the Sunday Million

The Sunday Wrap-up.  METZMAGNY Takes down the Sunday Million 0001

The weather may be atrocious but the poker is still sensational. This week I stayed safe and warm inside my cosy house, fire roaring, cuppa tea in hand and poker on the big screen. The Sunday Million and Warm Up on PokerStars both exceeded their guarantees; it was set to be a great night. I watched METZMAGNY take down the Sunday million on PokerStars, 124poker win the Sunday warm up on PokerStars and sistabossen walk away with first prize from the FullTilt $750k.

Sunday Warm Up – PokerStars

The $750k guaranteed Sunday Warm Up was worth even more this week. 4004 players flocked in from all over the world to take part in this incredible weekly tournament boosting the prize pool to $800,800.00.

hyggebuks26 went from hero to zero on the final table. With 5 players left he'd just doubled up with {j-Clubs} {j-Spades} all in preflop up against the {a-Clubs} {k-Diamonds} of Barbarossa_7.

After winning that hand and taking a slim chip lead of 11.9m he chose to get involved with DeuceBuster, the player who'd been taking care of the short stacks hyggebuks26 had raised UTG with {a-Diamonds} {k-Diamonds} taking a stab at it on the {5-Hearts} {9-Hearts} {5-Diamonds} flop. DeuceBuster called time, then the bet taking it to the turn which fell {q-Diamonds}. This gave hyggebuks26 an ace flush draw and the balls to check raise all-in. Unfortunately for hyggebuks26 he was drawing dead and must have been pretty heart broken when DeuceBuster called instantly showing a full house with {9-Clubs} {9-Diamonds} and hyggebuks26 was as good as gone. This hand was the catalyst for what is known as the 'action snowball effect' as the table whittled from from 5 players to the heads up stage in the 3 minutes that followed.

It was 10hrs and 1 minute since kick off when the game was won by 124poker and DeuceBuster was knocked out in second place.

DeuceBuster had 3 to 1 in chips at the start of heads up with almost 30 million. Play was slow and stacks hovered for over an hour before 124poker finally broke the deadlock and took the win. He did it by calling all in preflop for 12m with {a-Spades} {3-Spades} going up against DeuceBuster's {a-Clubs} {j-Hearts}. When the board rolled out {q-Clubs} {3-Hearts} {q-Diamonds} {k-Diamonds} {2-Spades} with two pair Queens and Three's it was all over for DeuceBuster giving 124poker the win!

This is how the final hand went down!

The Sunday Wrap-up.  METZMAGNY Takes down the Sunday Million 101

Final table results:

1: 124poker - $104104.00

2: DeuceBuster - $72072.00

3: sumoen - $48048.00

4: Barbarossa_7 - $40040.00

5: hyggebuks26 - $32032.00

6: BodogAri - $24024.00

7: GIGI LUCA - $16016.00

8: TJGROW8 - $10010.00

9: Climax100 - $6886.88

Sunday Million – PokerStars

The world's biggest poker site brings us poker's largest and best weekly guaranteed tournament. The Sunday Million with $1.5m guaranteed and only a $215 buy-in is clearly the game everyone wants to play in. Packed full of poker celebrities and such a colossal prize pool makes for a fantastic game and I always look forward to seeing the action.

7836 players entered pushing the prize pool over the guarantee making it $1,567,200.00. Just under 11 hours of play ensued, I thought it was fireworks night on the 5th November but these guys were 3 days early and the display was spectacular!

Action was steady on the final table with the lead being thrown around between METZMAGNY, h2oace, ldgii and jiacstrap (who was up and down like a yoyo).

There were 4 players left. jiacstrap was crippled when he made the move all in preflop with {8-Hearts} {8-Diamonds} only to be confronted by the {9-Spades} {9-Hearts} of h2oace. The board was no help for the eights leaving jiacstrap with around 5m in chips against the other 3 players who were quite level all with 24 to 25m. The short stack did double once but not twice when h2oace cracked his ace high with {k-Clubs} {10-Spades} hitting a Ten and taking it to the final 3.

Play hovered around for a while with nothing really happening until h2oace made an all in move of 30m, over an already large 10m preflop raise. METZMAGNY, the player who'd made it 10m, called the all in quickly showing {a-Hearts} {k-Spades}, way in front against h2oace's {k-Diamonds} {9-Diamonds}. The board appeared on screen giving both players straights but METZMAGNY had the ace to take the pot and leave h2oace crippled and left with just 400k.

Heads up started with METZMAGNY dominating in chips with 54m to ldgii's 24m. ldgii didn't really manage to make a dent in METZMAGNY's stack, despite his best efforts. Play lasted just 12 minutes. It could have been the turning point for ldgii when he raised all in preflop with {5-Hearts} {5-Spades}. METZMAGNY called with {10-Spades} {4-Spades} needing a bit of help but it came on the flop when it hit {7-Diamonds} {10-Hearts} {q-Diamonds}. No 5 on the turn or river and that was it. It was victory for METZMAGNY after a solid final table performance.

Final table results:

1: METZMAGNY - $191,982.00

2: ldgii - $129,450.72

3: h2oace - $87,763.20

4: jiacstrap - $71,307.60

5: Stammdogg - $55,635.60

6: dray313 - $39,963.60

7: Papatri - $27,426.00

8: aaaaaaaa - $18,022.80

9: tickkid - $10,970.40

$750k Guaranteed – FullTilt

Sistabossen was this week's $750k winner. Scooping the first prize of $132,787.50, after investing only $216 to play. The game lasted 9hrs 4mins.

The first 6 were out in about 40 minutes when KenRetaard cracked the {7-Clubs} {7-Diamonds} of Tokenizer with {4-Hearts} {4-Clubs} and a little help from the river which popped up as the {4-Spades}. Ken already had the chip lead but this hand helped him along to just under 5.2m with sistabossen not too far behind with 3.2 and HojoMofo with 2m.

The final 3 battled for 15 minutes until HojoMofo finally left in 3rd place getting all in preflop with {8-Diamonds} {8-Clubs} leaving the decision to sistabossen who made a ponderous call showing {q-Clubs} {Kd). HojoMofo was left praying for an 8 when the flop crashed down queen high {q-Spades} {6-Clubs} {10-Hearts} but the dealer wouldn't help him revealing {j-Spades} then {4-Diamonds} sending him to the rail.

Heads up on FullTilt started with relatively even stacks of 5m apart from a slim 800k lead held by KenRetaard. There was talk of a split with the players sitting out for 5 minutes but it never happened. sistabossen took an edge in chips until the final hand when KenRetaard would go all in with {a-Hearts} {7-Spades} against sistabossen's {7-Clubs} {7-Diamonds}. The board arrived {7-Hearts} {2-Clubs} {5-Spades} {k-Clubs} {q-Clubs} trip aces for sistabossen and the win was HIS.


Final table results:

1: sistabossen - $132,787.50

2: KenRetaard - $80,250

3: HojoMofo - $52,500

4: Tokenizer - $41,400

5: snoringbeagl - $31,050

6: choba5 - $23,025

7: KpKelly - $17,250

8: listerx - $13,500

9: bestdayever - $10,050

With more and more players entering these games I and I'm sure you can't wait to see what happens on the cyber tables next week!

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