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Interview with Sorel Mizzi

Interview with Sorel Mizzi 0001

ML Congratulations in the 2nd place in the WSOP Europe £5000 PL Omaha Event. It seemed to be one of those hands where it's all going in, with nut flush draw and needing a 10 for the straight too.

SM Thank you Mel. I feel like I played really well at the end of the

tournament and especially heads-up... sometimes that's just the way

the cookie crumbles

ML You're now sponsored by Betfair along with Annette Obrestad. I know she was railing you in the Omaha event where she shouted for a "Heart!" from the rail for you in your exit hand. You must have become good friends touring the circuit?

SM Yes, I've been good friends with Annette ever since I met her in Aruba in 2006.

ML Have you any plans to write a poker book?

SM I've thought about it, but nothing serious. Mostly drunk talk

ML Have you a nemesis in poker?

SM No, I love everyone. There are a few people online that always have my number and I never win against though.

ML What do you feel has been your biggest achievement?

SM Winning a bracelet in the PLO event would have been, but to date I think coming 3rd and chopping the tournament while chip leader is my biggest achievement.

ML Why did you choose 'imper1um' and 'zangbezan24' as your online names?

SM Imper1um means "Empire", and an Empire was what I was trying to build at the time. Zangbezan means "call me" in Farsi. So it's kind of a play on words and I really like the way it flows.

ML Have you had any key moments or big plays from your tournaments against players that stand out?

SM I played fairly solid throughout the PLO tournament with the exception of one big bluff on a man who I had witnessed pick off six bluffs throughout the duration of the tournament. Every time he called the bluff I would tell him how sick he was and how I'd never even consider bluffing him. It was when we were down to five that I decided it was time to bluff the unbluffable.

With the blinds at 6000/12000 Erik completed on the small blind to see a flop a86. He bet 20k into the pot and i called with 7764 leaving me with some nice blockers and the backdoor flush draw and gutshot straight draw. The turn was a rather useless 10 clubs and he bet out again, increasing the bet to 60k. I min raised him up to 120k and he called with 175k behind him. The river was 3 clubs and I moved all in with 4th pair and I was pretty happy to see him instafold.

ML What do you feel is the best part of your game?

SM My sharp instinct and my ability to go with my read instead of making a read and doing the opposite out of fear.

ML When did you develop an interest in poker?

SM When I was in the army, we use to play a lot of poker for $10 a game. I got hooked pretty quickly and became better and better.

ML What do you do in your spare time (if you get any)?

SM Working out, doing tourist stuff, playing scrabble / monopoly online, making random prop bets, going out with friends etc.

ML Any advice you could give to our PokerNews UK & Ireland readers?

SM Your roads are way too narrow and nearly impossible for North

Americans to drive on and get them fixed !

We thank you so much for your time and all the best for the future.

Sorel Mizzi - aka Imper1um - is a Betfair Sponsored Pro.

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