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The Sunday Wrap-up

The Sunday Wrap-up 0001

The three biggest tournaments this Sunday were the Sunday million and Sunday warm up at PokerStars and the $750k Guaranteed at Full Tilt. Three tournaments and $3million up for grabs! None of these games reached their guarantees and so were all topped up with extra cash or 'overlay' as it is called. These are the results for this week's games.

Sunday Million – PokerStars

PokerStars added $51,000 to the prize pool this week to make the guaranteed $1.5m. 7245 players started the tournament at 16:30et 9pm gmt. Allanon85 was the eventual winner after battling it out with a short stack at the final table to become 1st.

Allanon85 Started the final table with about 3.5m in chips, his stack had already doubled by the time he knocked out the first player, sjco22 at the final table taking his stack to 10.5 million.

Another key moment in the winner's final table success was with 4 players left and the stacks all relatively equal. The blinds were at 400k/800k. Allanon85 and cdbr3799 ended up all in against each other, creating a pot of 36,821,592 leaving cdbr with just under 3.5m chips behind.

cdbr3799 showed {a-Diamonds} {q-Diamonds} - Allanon85 showed {a-Hearts} {j-Spades}

BOARD: {10-Spades} {3-Diamonds} {9-Spades} {j-Clubs} {7-Clubs}

Allanon wins the huge pot putting a bad beat on cdbr who still managed to fight his way to 3rd place, where Allanon85 knocked him out with {k-Spades}{7} vs. {q-Clubs}{5-Hearts} they got all in preflop, the {7-Diamonds} on the flop left Allanon85 with an intimidating stack to take into Heads up.

Heads up only lasted 6 hands. The first notable hand saw aty79 double with a pair of aces when his preflop all-in for 13.3 million with {a-Clubs} {4-Hearts} was called by Allanon85 who showed {k-Spades} {10-Spades}.

Four hands later when the blinds had reached 500k/1million was to be the end of the tournament, and victory for Allanon85. aty79 raised from the button to 3 million which Allanon called. The flop {2-Diamonds} {k-Hearts} {6-Clubs} saw a small bet from aty79 and a call from the chip leader. The turn card, {5-Spades} created fireworks and both players ended up all in.

Allanon85 with {k-Diamonds} {j-Diamonds} - aty79 {k-Clubs} {8-Hearts}

The River {2-Clubs} saw victory for Allanon85.

Final table results:

1: Allanon85 (Saal), $184500.00

2: aty79 (SAN JOSE), $124950.00

3: cdbr3799 (Wesley Chapel), $84000.00

4: Kongsgaard (AArhus), $69000.00

5: forza-guti (madrid), $54000.00

6: insanocut (Miramichi), $39000.00

7: tnapoleao (Florianópolis), $26250.00

8: Tyler9897 (Waterbury), $17250.00

9: sjco22 (Henderson), $10500.00

Sunday Warm up – PokerStars

The $750k guaranteed warm up to the Sunday million started with 3264 players this week, lasting just under ten hours. It was Weekender74 that took away the first prize of $105,000.00. Weekender74 is apparently a fellow UK player from Manchester, well played Weekender we would love to hear from you!

Final table results:

1: Weekender74 (Manchester), $105000.00

2: bfineman (Las Vegas), $75000.00

3: royalfishfly (Stavropol), $52500.00

4: renq87 (Raisio), $39375.00

5: CHINESE30 (frederiksberg), $31500.00

6: EASY DZ (SEBASTOPOL), $24000.00

7: Huskyfan98 (Cromwell), $16500.00

8: niccc (naccache), $10500.00

9: N!CKELZ (minneapolis), $7050.00

$750k Guaranteed – FullTilt

3572 players started the $750k guaranteed at FullTilt this Sunday.

The starting stacks at HU were:

TheDirrty 6,195,165 - FadinAway 4,520,835

The Sunday Wrap-up 101

The heads up match in this tournament was a stark contrast to the one in the PokerStars Sunday Million, even if it did last just 18 minutes! The two players fought hard sharing the lead as they competed for the first place prize.

Both stacks took large swings with FadinAway eventually taking an edge he could hold onto when the blinds reached 100k/200k, not that the blinds seemed to affect the play in this heads up! FadinAway leaned on TheDirrty until his stack was 4 to 1 and they were both all-in preflop with pocket pairs. TheDirrty was way ahead with {a-Diamonds} {a-Clubs} against the {4-Hearts}{4-Spades} of FadinAway but the turn card {4-Diamonds} would seal the deal for FadinAway.

Final table results:

1: FadinAway - $132,787.50

2: TheDirrty - $80,250

3: Dstemrich - $52,500

4: TheAsianVampire - $41,400

5: Kisso - $31,050

6: Corporations - $23,025

7: crazychicken - $17,250

8: Matteo02 - $13,500

9: MarvinGarden - $10,050

What do you think?

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