Kentucky Domain Seizures to go ahead, Big names for the Irish Winter Festival and more

Kentucky Domain Seizures to go ahead, Big names for the Irish Winter Festival and more 0001

Kentucky Domain name seizure to go ahead

The big news today is of course the Kentucky Court hearing where Judge Thomas Wingate dismissed the objections brought by the 141 gambling domain names subject to seizure, which include Pokerstars and Full Tilt. Judge Wingate ruled that an internet domain name is a 'device' used in gambling, which is therefore illegal under Kentucky law.

The argument that the Kentucky Government do not have the jurisdiction to govern the internet was also quickly dismissed in the ruling, which stated ""We note that Opposing Groups and Lawyers argue any judicial interference of the Internet will create havoc. The doomsday argument does not ruffle the Court. The Internet, with all its benefits and advantages to modern day commerce and life, is still not above the law, whether on an international or municipal level."

Any websites that advertise or provide gambling information alone were not enough to establish presence in Kentucky and would have the seizure order affecting them rescinded at a later date.

The attempts by the Poker Players Alliance (PPA) to get poker made exempt on the basis of the element of skill was quickly dismissed by Wingate. "In the end, no matter how skilful or cunning the player, who wins and who loses is determined by the hands the players hold" he stated (Seemingly oblivious to the concept known as 'bluffing').

If the correct safeguards to block Kentucky ISPs are put in place by the online poker rooms and gambling domains within 30 days, then the seizure order against them will be withdrawn. The final hearing is set for November 17th and it is not yet known whether an appeal will be made by the various parties affected.

We would like to remind you that the booming state owned Kentucky Horse Racing and Lottery Industry remain completely unaffected by this ruling. We will bring you more news on this story as it comes in.

Pokerstars launch

Slightly better news for poker players in Italy as have announced the launch of, which will allow Italian players to play with real money at Pokerstars in exclusive tournaments for Italians. Set within specific entry fees between €0.50 to €100.00 as per Italian gaming law.

"Players on will have the opportunity to win their entry into famous international poker events – like the European Poker Tour and the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas. These competitions require players to have the right mix of skill, training, concentration and luck" said Team PokerStars Pro Dario Minieri.

The online poker phenomenon is growing rapidly in Italy with the success of players like Team PokerStars Pro Dario and Luca Pagano. Market research estimated that during the first year of online poker being legalised, 500,000 accounts will be opened throughout the Italian poker industry – creating an estimated €400 million market.

Glen Witmer wins WPT North American Poker Championship

Canadian Glen Witmer has defeated Gavin Griffin heads up to win the latest title on the World Poker Tour. At a table that also featured Kathy Liebert (who finished in 3rd place) Witmer won $1,090,589 when Smith pushed all-in with pocket fives and was looked up by ace-king of spades, which spiked an ace on the river. Smith took home $532,545 for his second place finish.

Smyth, Black and Channing confirmed for the Irish Winter Festival

Paddy Power Poker have announced that Marty Smyth and Andy Black are amongst the names pre –registering for the Irish Masters, the main event of the Irish Winter Festival, which runs from October 25th to 27th. They will be joined by bracelet winner and Paddy Power Poker Pro Ciaran O'Leary and the betting markets have opened on the event.

Naturally the four aforementioned names are joint favourites at 50/1, as is Julian Thew, Jon Kalmar and Julian Gardner. The full list of players in the betting market is huge and can be found at Paddy Power Poker.

Penly and Moore in good form at the GUKPT

Day 1a of the GUKPT Thanet drew to a close late last night and it had a really international flavour to it, with many players coming in from overseas, most notably EPT champion Andreas Hoivold and EPT runner up Cristanio Blanco. Dave Penly is in great shape to help move up the European player of the year rankings as he currently sits in 2nd place in the chip counts just below Michael Moore. 30 players remain from day 1a and the top ten look like this, courtesy of Blue Square:

Michael Moore 83525
David Penly 74300
Alex Martin 55400
Michael Tse 54500
Mark Friedman 51125
Jonathan Gale 48050
Jamie Brown 46225
Tim Flanders 40350
Liam Pettman 39175
Sami Yusuf 36850

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