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Channing and Woodley make WSOPE Final Table, Ford wins GCBPT and more

Channing and Woodley make WSOPE Final Table, Ford wins GCBPT and more 0001

Channing and Woodley make WSOPE Final

Four UK players have made it to the final table of the opening event of the WSOPE, the £1500 no limit hold'em, although they will all have their work cut out as the chip leader has more than all of them combined. Irish Open winner Neil Channing makes his first WSOP final table as does former Irish Open runner up Ian Woodley. They are joined by Fuad Serhan and Daniel Nutt, as well as John Dwyer of Ireland.

But they will need plenty of good fortune to prevent chip monster Adam Junglen of the USA from taking the gold, as he has 795,000 chips and is looking to become the second youngest ever bracelet winner and the first American to win a WSOPE title.

The final table is today and the seating assignments are as follows:

Seat 1: Fuad Serhan 61,000

Seat 2: Daniel Nutt 207,000

Seat 3: Yevgeniy Timoshenko 345,000

Seat 4: John Dwyer 511,000

Seat 5: Ian Woodley 153,000

Seat 6: Jesper Hougaard 89,000

Seat 7: Linda Lee 121,000

Seat 8: Neil Channing 199,000

Seat 9: Adam Junglen 795,000

Elsewhere it's time to get really confused about the rules of Razz and assume the UK hasn't got a chance in hell, as the HORSE event starts today. Look no further than the world class live updates over at our .com website for all the action from both.

Five way chop in Liverpool

All eyes might be on London but one of the biggest tours in the UK rolled on over the weekend in Liverpool, which saw Zachary Ford crowned the latest GCBPT champion. No mammoth heads up match this time round and a five way deal was the order of the day as the action went into the very early hours.

Ford took the title and the seat in the grand final, but the rest of the deal panned out as below:

1st: Zachary Ford £26,000

2nd: Saleh Mahargh £20,000

3rd: "Skullman" Gerald David £17,000

4th: Lee Birchall £13,500

5th: Wass Shahid £13,500

The tour returns on October 22nd in Teesside.

Cain a World Recorder Holder, but it wasn't all fun and games

We've been following the adventures of Dave Cain over the last couple of weeks as he broke the World Heads Up Poker Endurance record in Lincoln last wednesday. He smashed the world record by about two hours and set a new standard of 74 continuous hours of poker as well as making thousands for charity.

Staying awake for more than three whole days did take its toll, and he has admitted that he nearly lost his mind towards the end of the event, which is why he ended it soon after the record was broken rather than going for his 100 hour target. At one point he had to be taught how to play poker again

"I complained that the blinds were not necessary and that there should be a flexible amount of community cards and that the game was too linear so should be played in a circle."

At times he felt like he was being imprisoned and had no idea who he was or where he was. He struggled on to beat the world record, despite admitting part of him wanted to die during this period, and then put a halt to the record attempt after he succeeded for health reasons.

Anyone who is foolish enough to think that a world record attempt like this was easy should pay heed to this story and it really speaks volumes about the man that he carried on despite this. You can still donate to the charities at and once again we tip our hats to Dave Cain, a true legend of poker.

Ivey crushes London Cash Game

After a very impressive few months online, Phil Ivey took his cash game heater to the Full Tilt Poker Million Dollar Cash game in London. The two day event saw the legendary player finish up a $536,400 winner in the game, with Mike Matusow also up around $130,000. Patrik Antonius and 'durrrr' were by all accounts the big losers, as was Phil Hellmuth who added to his 'best of' collection on Youtube by losing a big pot and then storming off.

This is all good news for Ivey heading into the WSOPE, after a World Series to forget in Vegas he has been taking on all comers in the live and online cash games and still has a chance to win his widely reported bracelet prop bet in London, assuming the WSOPE events count.

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