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Sunday Wrap Up - Post WCOOP Week One

Sunday Wrap Up - Post WCOOP Week One 0001

After all the excitement of the last few weeks with the WCOOP and $25k buy-in HU tourneys, things finally seem to be calming down. It's incredible how we can even think that when there are still weekly tournaments with prize pools over $1million, like the Sunday Million on PokerStars which stood as a $1.5m guaranteed!

Sunday Warm-Up - PokerStars

With 3328 entrants the Sunday Warm-Up was set to be quite a battle, despite the prize pool being bumped a few grand to meet the guarantee! The first place prize of $105,000.00 was a sum worthy of a fight and a great return on just a $200 buy-in.

The tournament lasted a long 9 hours and 40 minutes with congratulations going to EtOi who sent player after player packing to eventually get his hands on the first place cash prize. The final table had a few well known great players, in particular PearlJammer, who is one of the best online MTT players around.

At exactly 4 hours of play, with blinds at 2k/4k and an ante of 50 the field had thinned from 3328 to just over 300 players. The chip lead was being held by ROYALDODIS with 323533 chips but it wasn't more than a couple of minutes later that debambooman took a flying leap to the top with 457714

An hour later both ROYALDODIS and debambooman had slipped down the field leaving the chip lead to TazDukem. Unknown to Taz, at this point, was that he would be the player going out some time later in 10th place, cursing runner-runner diamonds and sending the action to the final table.

The Final Table Chip Line Up:

EtOi - 10,873,201

ROYALDODIS - 4,834,914

ucftennis12 - 3,764,233

PearlJammer - 3,474,416

tendog - 3,297,089

d1sterbd - 2,784,318

ShOrTy D 25 - 1,701,414

knot_BE - 1,507,457

NoraFlum 1,042,958

The first casualty of the final table was ShOrTy D 25 when he found himself all-in with {a-Clubs} {9-Diamonds} against two players, NoraFlum, also all-in with {10-Hearts} {10-Diamonds} and EtOi, getting a bit frisky preflop with his {q-Diamonds} {8-Hearts} . This sent a huge pot of close to 7.2 million in the direction of NoraFlum leaving him with a comfortable 2nd place in chips.

Just 8 minutes later, d1sterbd had gone out to a bad beat with AK vs. the AQ of EtOi who hit runner runner to make a straight. This left 7 players remaining and a fresh blind level of 100k/200k. The first hand of the new blind level saw some unexpected fireworks between the two big stacks...

EtOi raised to 600k UTG which was immediately raised by NoraFlum to 1,640,175. This bet only triggered EtOi's "all-in reflex" who took hardly any time at all to make his move. This prompted an instant call from NoraFlum who found themselves in every poker player's nightmare situation. {k-Hearts} {k-Clubs} vs. EtOi's {a-Hearts} {a-Diamonds} ! No King, miracle straight or club flush would come to NoraFlum's aid sending them from 2nd in chips to out of the game in 7th place!

The hand right after this saw two more player's all-in preflop and another player eliminated when tendog pushed UTG with {a-Clubs}{ Js} called by Knot_BE with {q-Clubs} {q-Hearts} and a board failing to reveal the ace from space.

This is a recap of the heads-up play.

Sunday Wrap Up - Post WCOOP Week One 101

And here are the final table results:

1: EtOi - $105000.00

2: ucftennis12 - $75000.00

3: ROYALDODIS - $52500.00

4: knot_BE - $39375.00

5: PearlJammer - $31500.00

6: tendog - $24000.00

7: NoraFlum - $16500.00

8: d1sterbd - $10500.00

9: ShOrTy D 25 - $7050.00

Sunday Million $1.5m Guaranteed - [URL=""]PokerStars[/URL]

This week saw the long awaited return of the popular Sunday million tournament on PokerStars. The $1.5 million guarantee pulled in 7133 players. With 1080 places paid and $184,500.00 first place prize there was everything to play for.

The heads up stage of the Sunday million saw AceBonG and Tuffy Cat at war with both players pulling out all the stops, and moves, attempting to get their hands on first place. With both players trying to out pressure the other, action was intense and fast paced.

The first big hand fell at Tuffy Cats feet when AceBonG moved in with a gutshot against Tuffy Cat's 2nd pair. His hands evolved into trips on the turn and with no outdraw from AceBonG Tuffy Cat was in a promising position in chips. AceBonG didn't let this situation dampen their spirits though and they clawed their way back level using plenty of pressure to take pots pre-flop with well timed aggression and consistent raises.

As the heads-up play continued Tuffy Cat started to come back taking a slight edge with around 40 million in chips to AceBonG's 30 million with the majority of the action taking place pre-flop.

One hand that did see community cards saw Tuffy further extend their lead to 51 million when they found a call from AceBonG after hitting trips on the flop with {j-Diamonds} {j-Spades}. It started to fell like Tuffy was wearing down the heart nerve of AceBonG at this point who finally had enough when he found himself all-in and covered on the final hand of the tournament with two pair queens and fives (on the board) vs. a full house, fives full of queens for Tuffy.

1: Tuffy Cat - $184500.00

2: AceBonG - $124950.00

3: londanuk - $84000.00

4: SantiagoRain - $69000.00

5: Assassinato - $54000.00

6: hustln_ps - $39000.00

7: agiletto - $26250.00

8: WatchOutSir - $17250.00

9: amichaiKK - $10500.00

$250k Guaranteed - Titan

A somewhat smaller tourney, with only 800 players paying $300+20 each, the first prize of $55,000 seems not far out of reach.

With a screen name of '000000M6NGY00000' it seems this player wanted to start every tournament top of the list and in this 250k guaranteed tournament they made the much more lucrative position of finishing at the top and taking away first place!

The game lasted nearly 7 hours and the top 100 places were paid. The final table results were:

1) 000000M6NGY00000 - $55,000

2) cuteboy34 - $30,000

3) MURIBE - $20,000

4) ItsAJob - $15,000

5) feedmedish - $12,500

6) fatFatty - $10,000

7) ytug56 - $7,500

8) ugoua55 - $5,000

9) ActionYackson - $3, 5000

Congratulations to all this week's winners, let's see some more UK players hitting those top spots!

What do you think?

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