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Rob Taylor Wins the Irish Poker Classic, a $500K BadBeat on Party Poker and More!

Rob Taylor Wins the Irish Poker Classic, a $500K BadBeat on Party Poker and More! 0001

Rob Taylor wins the Irish Poker Classic

The 6th annual Irish Poker Classic attracted a record turnout last week in Cork with 169 players entering the €1,500+€100 main event which had a €150,000 guarantee. Big names outside of Ireland such as Michael Greco, Ian Woodley and Annette Obrestad joined top Irish names like Marty Smyth and Roy Brindley for this prestigious tournament.

It was to be the day of Rob Taylor, one of the most prolific players on the Irish tournament circuit, who scooped the €46,000 and the title. The Green Joker Poker sponsored pro was runner up last year in the Irish player of the year standings and is always there or thereabouts in just about every Irish festival he plays.

The final table paid out as follows:

1. Rob Taylor €46,000
2. Oliver la Rochelle € 47,500
3. Ryan O'Donoghue €38,250
4. Nicky Power €41,250
5. Jeff Duvall €15,000
6. Jonathan Butter s €12,500
7. Mick O'Brien €10,000
8. Ben Blackmore €7,500
9. Paul Corrway €5,000
10. Michael McKeever €4,000

PKR giving away 33 WSOP Seats

Most of us are trying to forget about Vegas after coming home much less affluent than we were before, but top virtual reality poker room PKR are already offering you a chance to win seats for next year's series, with the seat to a different event each and every week. Not only that, every single one will be completely free to enter.

There will be a different criteria for each and every freeroll so it

might be in your interest to download PKR now and get used to the software, which is tremendous fun to play around with by the way. Simon Prodger of PKR commented "This is by far the biggest promotion ever offered by and one of the largest World Series promotions in online poker history. Our 'one a week, every week' format opens the door for all players and we'd love nothing more than to be celebrating a PKR bracelet winner come next summer."

The promotion starts from the 15th of September and this is the complete schedule of seats on offer, one each and every week for 33 weeks:

1 $10,000 Main Event $12,500

2 $5,000 Mixed HE (Lim/NL) $6,500

3 $5,000 NLHE $6,500

4 $1,500 Six Handed NLHE $3,000

5 $2,000 NLHE $3,500

6 $1,500 NLHE $3,000

7 $10,000 PLO $12,000

8 $1,500 Six Handed NLHE $3,000

9 $1,500 PLO $3,000

10 $10,000 Main Event $12,500

11 $2,500 Six Handed NLHE $4,000

12 $5,000 NLHE $6,500

13 $2,000 Limit $3,500

14 $1,500 PLO $3,000

15 $5,000 NLHE Shootout $6,500

16 $5,000 NLHE $6,500

17 $10,000 PLHE $12,000

18 $2,500 NLHE $4,000

19 $1,000 Ladies Event $2,500

20 $2,500 Six Handed NLHE $4,000

21 $10,000 Main Event $12,500

22 $2,000 Limit $3,500

23 $1,500 NLHE $3,000

24 $2,000 NLHE $3,500

25 $1,500 Six Handed NLHE $3,000

26 $2,500 Six Handed NLHE $4,000

27 $5,000 NLHE Shootout $6,500

28 $1,500 PLO $3,000

29 $1,500 NLHE $3,000

30 $10,000 Heads Up Champs $12,000

31 $1,500 PLO $3,000

32 $10,000 Main Event $12,500

33 $10,000 Main Event $12,500

Nowab wins tournament in one hand

You need a lot of luck to win a poker tournament and you certainly have to win plenty of coinflips along the way, but last week a tournament was won with just the one. Regulars at Dusk Till Dawn were disappointed to see the scheduled £200 PLO competition cancelled due to low numbers last Sunday, but that didn't stop 9 players from suggesting a one handed, £200 PLO flip to replace it.

Julian Thew, Lawrence Gosney, James Dempsey, Simon Nowab and a few others all agreed to this. Basically they all got their money in on hand one and progressively turned over their own PLO hand as the board was being revealed. Trevor Reardon looked to have a lock when he was holding a king in his hand on a K477K board, but Simon Nowab who works for Dusk Till Dawn turned over his final card to reveal he was holding pocket sevens to make quads, winning him £1,800 in one hand.

It's a game of skill you know.

Poker Player's do the right thing in Bristol

It's very easy to depict poker players as greedy, unscrupulous and degenerate, but over the bank holiday weekend one set of players proved just what decent and generous people we can also be. Poker Player magazine have been running their own poker tour and their most recent stop was in Bristol last week.

When they were down to the final table the chip leader, who had a quarter of the chips in play, was informed of a family bereavement and obviously left the casino. The remaining players at the table decided amongst themselves that they would all donate 10% of their own prize money on top of whatever the player got when they were eventually blinded out. They did this off their own backs and were not pressured into it at all, so we'd like to tip our hats to everyone at the Poker Player Championship Final Table for what was a truly fantastic gesture.

Party Poker Badbeat Jackpot awarded

Rob Taylor Wins the Irish Poker Classic, a 0K BadBeat on Party Poker and More! 101

The badbeat jackpot was awarded last week at Party Poker and a world record $1,013,381 was given to the players at the table. In a $0.50/$1 limit hold'em game. A full house was beaten by quads, which was beaten by a Royal Flush, but few players at this table were bemoaning their bad luck.

The hand history looked like this:

Total number of players : 10
Seat 1: ShoulderGuy ($102.28)
Seat 2: bucktooth1 ($28.80)
Seat 3: judith75 ($67)
Seat 4: wisard333 ($24.90)
Seat 5: pelusin111 ($14.90)
Seat 6: DismasX ($35.25)
Seat 7: fkjnyh ($12.25)
Seat 8: hc8601 ($22.90)
Seat 9: Hiyaall ($28.77)
Seat 10: chimbila007 ($28.30)
Hiyaall posts small blind (0.25)
chimbila007 posts big blind (0.50)
** Dealing down cards **
Dealt to ShoulderGuy {k-Diamonds}-{k-Hearts}
Dealt to bucktooth1 x-x
Dealt to judith75 {9-Clubs}-{9-Spades}
Dealt to wisard333 x-x
Dealt to pelusin111 x-x
Dealt to DismasX x-x
Dealt to fkjnyh x-x
Dealt to hc8601 x-x
Dealt to Hiyaall {a-Clubs}-{q-Clubs}
Dealt to chimbila007 x-x
ShoulderGuy raises (1) to 1
bucktooth1 folds
judith75 calls (1)
wisard333 calls (1)
pelusin111 folds
DismasX folds
fkjnyh folds
hc8601 folds
Hiyaall calls (0.75)
chimbila007 folds
** Dealing Flop **: {k-Clubs}-{9-Hearts}-{10-Clubs}
Hiyaall checks
ShoulderGuy bets (0.50)
judith75 raises (1) to 1
wisard333 folds
Hiyaall calls (1)
ShoulderGuy raises (1) to 1.50
judith75 raises (1) to 2
Hiyaall calls (1)
ShoulderGuy calls (0.50)
** Dealing Turn **: {j-Clubs}
Hiyaall checks
ShoulderGuy bets (1)
judith75 calls (1)
Hiyaall calls (1)
** Dealing River **: {9-Diamonds}
Hiyaall bets (1)
ShoulderGuy raises (2) to 2
judith75 raises (3) to 3
Hiyaall raises (3) to 4
ShoulderGuy calls (2)
judith75 calls (1)
** Summary **
Main Pot: $24 | Rake: $1 | Jackpot Contribution: $0.50
Board: {k-Clubs}-{9-Hearts}-{10-Clubs}-{j-Clubs}-{9-Diamonds}
bucktooth1 balance $28.80, didn't bet (folded)
wisard333 balance $23.90, lost $1 (folded)
pelusin111 balance $14.90, didn't bet (folded)
DismasX balance $35.25, didn't bet (folded)
fkjnyh balance $12.25, didn't bet (folded)
hc8601 balance $22.90, didn't bet (folded)
chimbila007 balance $27.80, lost $0.50 (folded)
ShoulderGuy balance $94.28, lost $8 with a full house - {k-Diamonds}-{k-Hearts}-{k-Clubs}-{9-Hearts}-{9-Diamonds}
judith75 balance $59, lost $8 with four of a kind - {9-Clubs}-{9-Spades}-{9-Hearts}-{9-Diamonds}-{k-Clubs}
Hiyaall balance $44.77, bet $8, collected $24, net +$16 with a royal flush - {a-Clubs}-{k-Clubs}-{q-Clubs}-{j-Clubs}-{10-Clubs}
Judith75 wins Bad Beat Jackpot for $354,683.57
Hiyall wins hand and gets $177,341.79 + $24 from the pot!
All other players win $22,167.72

We love it how PartyPoker used exclamation marks when describing the $24 Hiyall wins from the pot, after winning $177,341.79 from the Badbeat jackpot. Keep an eye out for all the names above guys, they might just be playing a little bit higher than they are used to this week.

What do you think?

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