Party Poker Den Returns

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The Party Poker Poker Den: The Big Game III will begin filming next month. Last time out this was a 24 hour cash game featuring some of the best players from home and abroad and this time round it is getting a whole load sicker.

The game will run for a whopping 36 HOURS so you can expect the action, especially towards the end, to get crazier than ever. Jesse May will have coffee in hand at all times as he will be commentating on the whole thing and the chances are that Roland De Wolfe will try and play the entire thing.

Tony G, Devilfish, Jamie Gold, Robert Williamson III, Roland de Wolfe, Neil Channing, Andrew Feldman, Brian Townsend and Kirk Morrison are already confirmed to return after the last series. Phil Laak, Antonio Esfandiari, Jon Kalmar, Sammy "Any Two" George, Roberto Romanello, John Tabatabai, Mike "The Mouth" Matusow, Jennifer Tilly and Anthony Hardy are all expected to make an appearance too. Whether Phil Hellmuth will is yet to be known but his performance was described as "half murder, half suicide" by Padraig Parkinson last time round. will also feature the introduction of the "Party Pot," that will see players winning $1,000 bonuses from a selected hand every hour. More details will be announced in the near future but the "Party Pot" will pump up the action even more.

A spokesman said: "There is a little doubt that the Poker Den has a cult following. Clips from the first two games are all over the internet. Viewers love the fine line between poker genius and complete madness it seems to bring out in the world's top pros! The Den is a small intimate venue so we just hope it is big enough to accommodate their egos!"

Eddie Hearn, Head of Online Gaming at Matchroom Sport said "The Poker Den has come such a long way since we started it back in the summer of 2005. The Big Game has been such a huge success, and the two series so far have attracted the best players in the world. We have seen some great action, fantastic banter between the players and some berating between players. The format has become one of the most popular amongst international broadcasters and with this series being 8 hours longer, some players have boasted that they can go the full 36 hours without a break - and that I can't wait to see. "

This show was without doubt the best poker show in my mind of the last twelve months and a serious contender to High Stakes Poker for being the real 'poker players' show. The future of TV poker is cash game shows and here is hoping the Poker Den is another big success. The show will be filmed on the 30th of September to the 1st of October and shown on channel 5 early next year.

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