Launches World Series of Poker 2008 Outright Winner Betting Market Launches World Series of Poker 2008 Outright Winner Betting Market 0001

In between now and November the 9th there is likely to be a frenzy of betting on the result of the final table and Paddy Power have released their early odds.

It's difficult to price up this market, because in what could have been a star studded final table this year, the pros fell at the last hurdle and left us with a table full of unknowns, so at this stage betting would be something of a 'stab in the dark'.

Dennis Phillips 4/1

Ivan Demidov 4/1

Scott Montgomery 9/2

Peter Eastgate 9/2

Ylon Schwartz 8/1

Darus Suharto 17/2

David Rheem 10/1

Craig Marquis 10/1

Kelly Kim 50/1

The odds are based primarily on chip count alone and don't forget that the chip leader tends to do well in the main event final table. Dennis Phillips and Ivan Demidov could be good value for a joint bet on both, simply because of their chip advantage. Perhaps the best known player at the final, at least to those of us on this side of the Atlantic, is Peter Eastgate who made the final table of the Irish Open this year and may be a good punt at 9/2.

We are going to be following the betting over the next three months quite keenly and before you guys close your eyes and pick a potential winner, remember that this is a market that is going to change quite considerably and we will have time to learn about our 9 new millionaires.

First of all you can take a look back at the fantastic Pokernews Live Updates reporting log to study the action we caught from the November 9 to see who seems to have the skills to take this one down. Secondly remember that from September 2nd ESPN will be airing footage from the main event so we can see our new starlets in live action. We might also get a chance to see the final table in action in events like the EPT and WSOPE along the way.

By November there is a very good chance that a few lucrative sponsorship deals will have been signed (If they haven't already) which might affect the mindset of the players. We'll also see plenty of interviews between now and then to further give us an insight of what to expect from the final table players. Add to that the inevitable gossip about the players that will crop up on the 9 champions in the making and we will have plenty of information to inform our betting decisions.

Paddy Power will have other betting markets planned are Nationality of Winner and Age of Winner markets. We dare say a few crazy markets from the legendary bookies are potentially in the making too.

What do you think?

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