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High Stakes Poker continues! + more Poker News

High Stakes Poker continues! + more Poker News 0001

Just when it looked like Game Show Network (GSN) had no interest in continuing to air episodes of High Stakes Poker, they announced yesterday that a new series of the popular poker show will be recorded.

GSN had created a problem for themselves when they took over the World Poker Tour from the Travel Channel 6 months back, as it would conflict with the airtime of High Stakes Poker. For some time it looked like GSN were going to give the WPT episode priority over the High Staked episodes, but the problem was solved when GSN decided to hand over the rights for the WPT to Fox Sports Network. Although there were still rumors that GSN wanted to remove poker shows from their channel all together and were still going to cancel High Stakes Poker, GSN now seem to have changed their mind and will hang on to the popular poker show.

The fifth season of High Stakes poker will, from what we know, start to be aired in 2009, and will, for the first time, also include Omaha Poker in addition to Texas Hold'em. As in the past seasons, Gabe Kaplan and A.J Benza will remain the hosts of the show.

Swede guesses his way to a new Mini Cooper

Marcus Gustafson tested his luck in Las Vegas over the past couple of weeks by participating in numerous WSOP events, but after not cashing in a single one of them and incurring quite some losses, it didn't look like he was going to have too many fond memories of his stay in Vegas. But his luck shifted towards the end.

Three poker pros from Team Betfair (Anne Obrestad, John Tabatabai and Sorel Mizzi) parked a Mini Cooper outside the Rio and filled the car up completely with poker chips. Now the question was; How many chips were in the car?

Visitors from the Rio were allowed to make guess for the number of chips in the car, and whoever got closest to the actual number would win the car. Marcus Gustafson ended up being the lucky winner and managed to end his Vegas experience on a positive note after all.

According to Betfair, everybody had their own strategy to guess the number of chips in the car. "While some people tried to bribe Betfair staff as to the number of chips, others used a more scientific approach, measuring the width of an average chip as well as enquiring about the internal volume of the car," Betfair said in a press release.

There was even one man, who went by the name of Amarillo Slim (you might have heard of him), who went as far as actually hiring a Mini Cooper and filling it with poker chips, in order to get a good estimate of the number of chips that fir into the car. Unfortunately for him, it didn't pay off.

High Stakes Poker continues! + more Poker News 101

KGC publishes report on Ultimate Bet scandal

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission published an official press release regarding the cheating at online poker sites, especially focusing on Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet, where the ex-owners of the sites were involved with cheating on their own poker sites.

The Kahnawake Gaming Commission overlooks numerous Canaadian poker sites that use the internet software designed by Kahnawake. The following statement comments on the Ultimate Bet scandal, after already releasing a similar report on a previous scandal at Absolute Poker. What follows is the official press release of the Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Mohawk Territory of Kahnawá:ke
July 23, 2008
Kahnawá:ke Gaming Commission (the "KGC") has been continuously regulating online gaming for over 9 years – longer than most, if not all, other jurisdictions. During that period of time, the KGC has proven to be a world leader with regulations and methodologies that have established a regulatory environment in which online gaming can be conducted fairly and securely. The KGC's success as a regulator is evidenced by the fact that a significant percentage of the online gaming industry has chosen to locate and operate within Kahnawá:ke. Given the length of time that it has regulated this new industry and the significant number of licensees under its control, the KGC's record has been exemplary.
As commentators have correctly noted, even the most well regulated industries are not immune from abuse. Examples can be found in the banking, securities and land-based gaming industries. The fact that the online gaming industry is new and is technologically driven creates additional regulatory challenges. Throughout its history, the KGC has met these challenges and its regulations have been emulated in a number of other jurisdictions around the world.
Over the past several months, it was discovered that individuals within two of the KGC's licensees – Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet – had created and carried out a scheme to cheat players. In both cases, the improper conduct of these individuals was brought to the attention of the licensees, and the KGC, by affected players. The KGC acknowledges the diligence and sophistication displayed by these players and the role they played in bringing these matters to light.
The first case involved Absolute Poker. After a thorough investigation carried out by the KGC and its agents, Gaming Associates, the KGC rendered its decision in this matter on January 11, 2008. This decision concluded that the cheating that took place was not initiated, nor did it benefit, Absolute Poker as a corporate entity, or its directors or principal ownership. The decision imposed a number of sanctions and conditions on Absolute Poker, including twenty-four specific directions for changes to its management and systems. The KGC was provided evidence that all players affected by the cheating that took place were fully reimbursed for their losses.
Shortly after its decision was rendered in the Absolute Poker matter, the KGC first became aware of similar allegations of cheating involving individuals within Absolute Poker's sister company: Ultimate Bet.
Over the past several months, the KGC has been closely involved in an in-depth investigation of the Ultimate Bet cheating allegations. Significant efforts have been expended to identify and correct the flaws in Ultimate Bet's system that permitted the cheating to take place; to identify the individuals that were responsible for the cheating and to ensure that all affected players were fully reimbursed. Unfortunately, the KGC's actions were not well communicated to the poker industry or public at large, creating an incorrect perception that the KGC was 'doing nothing'.
The KGC's investigation into the Ultimate Bet matter has yielded a number of key findings which, within the next several days, will enable the KGC to issue its decision on the appropriate steps to be taken.
It should be stressed that the KGC's primary concern throughout both matters was to ensure that affected players were fully reimbursed and that corrective measures were implemented to prevent against any further incidents of cheating. Both of these objectives have been accomplished – as evidenced by the fact that the recent concerns that have been raised about the Absolute Poker and Ultimate Bet matters are not being driven by affected players.
Murray Marshall
Senior Advisor
Kahnawá:ke Gaming Commission

SteveSung takes over from Antonius

The action on Full Tilt Poker is reaching a new level, with various players taking their seats at the numerous high stakes tables on Full Tilt. Gus Hansen, Erick Lindgren, Patrik Antonius, John Juanda and Markus Golser are only a few of the names of well known professionals spending their time and money at the virtual tables.

The big winner from yesterday was SteveSung after internet regular won a massive $801,000 within just 1,679 hands!! Gus Hansen wasn't running too bad either yesterday, coming in second for the day with a profit of $529,000.

Erick Lindgren also made an appearance at the tables, but compared to the performances of Sung and Hansen, his $76,000 profit looked more like pocket change.


While Sung was the big winner of the day, other players weren't quite as lucky that day. The 'unluckiest' player of the day was Markus Golser, losing $458,000 in 1,890 hands. Tom 'Durrrr' Dwan and John Juanda didn't have their best either, with both of them losing around $175,000 yesterday.

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