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Doyle Brunson Drink & Drive? + more pokergossip

Doyle Brunson Drink & Drive? + more pokergossip 0001

Doyle Brunson set up a record recently, of which I don't think it will find many contenders in Las Vegas. It doesn't involve Bracelets, nor the most cashes, but the number of scooters he has lost. You know, those scooters for the elderly.

The fact that Doyle Brunson is getting a little older is becoming somewhat more apparent, seeing as he trys to start his car with his house keys and vice versa. His first scooter was lost after he had left it standing outside the Rio, with the keys still in it.

Another one was lost in quite an original fashion. He had dinner at the Bellagio and was driving back in his car to the Rio afterwards, with his scooter parked on the back of the car.

"When I parked, I noticed my scooter was not on the lift. I have no idea where I lost it but I think it fell off the back of my car when I didn't secure it properly."

Imagine driving behind Doyle and before you know it you have one of his scooters lying on your bonnet. But the reason for not having it fastened properly also makes you think: " Of course, the bottle of wine I had had with dinner had absolutely nothing to do with it." Of course this could just be another wind-up from Doyle. I'm sure he'll mention it in his next blog.

Dario Minieri and Isabelle Mercier a couple?

On Monday night, July 7th, PokerStars organized a party in the Palms Casino. It was a special exclusive party to which basically everyone was invited, as where we. Apart from the fact that there was loads of booze and Dita von Teese was performing an amazing strip show, it was also a party to keep your eyes and ears open.


Photos weren't allowed to be made, but there were enough mobile phones to in the room that caught a glimpse of Dario Minieri and Isabelle Mercier locking lips.

The two couldn't keep there hands of each other throughout the party. I'm sure the photos can be found on the web by. If this is the start of a big romance, no one knows. Maybe it was just a one-off fling under the influence of a lot of alcohol. Only time will tell...

Ante Up For Africa won by a Pro

The day before the start of the Main Event, there was a charity event taking place in the Brazilian Room, organised by Annie Duke and Don Cheadle (the guy from Ocean's 11). The buy-in was $5000 and numerous celebrities were found amongst the players, as well as many pro's (88). The host of the night was Phil Hellmuth, who was walking around the room with a microphone, which was very entertaining. Hellmuth competed in the event as well, but of course he only started playing during level 2. He even managed to get to the final table, as did, for example, Casey Affleck, brother of Ben Affleck. Ben Affleck became the final table bubble boy. Other celebrities playing in the event included Ray Romano (from Everybody loves Raymond), Jason Kidd, Charles Barkley and Kenny Smith (all NBA players).

Doyle Brunson Drink & Drive? + more pokergossip 101

Mike 'the Mouth' Matusow got a taste of his own medicine from Charles Barkley. While Charles was walking past Mike, after being eliminated, Mike said to him: "You are a has-been." To which Charles answered: "Better than being a never-was!"

This year it was John 'Johnny World' Hennigan who won the event and donated all his prizemoney to a good cause. In total, 167 players took part in the event and raised about $400,000.

TonyG makes a mistake

The video speaks for itself…

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