Stars Releases APPT Season Two Schedule, Polaris the Poker-Bot is Back

Stars Releases APPT Season Two Schedule, Polaris the Poker-Bot is Back 0001

PokerStars Releases APPT Schedule for Season 2

The first season of the Asian Pacific Poker Tour (APPT) was a success for the expansion and interest of poker in Asia, so PokerStars went ahead and has announced quite an interesting schedule for season two of the APPT.

The new season will hit up many countries including Macau, China, New Zealand and the grand final will be in Australia. Jeffrey Haas, the APPT president believes that season one was an immense success, and has introduced poker in a meaningful way to the Austro-Asian region of the world. He compliments how PokerStars sends countless players across the world to play in tournaments, and believe that "now the Asia Pacific region is established as an integral part of the global poker circuit."

Season number 2 will kick start with a $25k HKD Main Event in Macau scheduled for September. There will be a thorough series of tournaments at this event, including a special "Hi-Roller" tournament with a $150k HKD Buy-In. So far the Main Event will be on Sept. 1-6th and the big buy-in "Hi-Roller" tourney is scheduled for Sept 7-9th.

The director of the PokerStars APPT tour tournaments will be Danny McDonagh, who has directed the Aussie Millions in the past. He will be leading the tour to Korea, New Zealand, the Philippines and eventually Australia for the grand finale. McDonagh said about the tour: [I]"Poker is still at an early stage in many of the countries we visit with the APPT. But for those forward-thinking authorities that embrace the opportunities it offers, the
APPT continues to develop a whole new type of tourism in the region. The APPT tournaments bring players from all over the world. This in turn helps stimulate tremendous local economic benefit, because one of our key aims is to ensure players enjoy the local sights and experiences."
PokerStars has started running satellites already, and so far they have plenty of them in all buy-ins. Click on this PokerStars link to check out our review and bonus offers.
Here is the schedule of the tour:
Sept 1-9 Grand Waldo Hotel and Casino, Macau
Sept 26-28 Paradise Walker-Hill Casino, Seoul, Korea
Oct. 9-12 SkyCity Casino, Auckland, New Zealand
Dec. 2008 Star City Casino, Sydney, Australia
Philippines is TBD.

Stars Releases APPT Season Two Schedule, Polaris the Poker-Bot is Back 101

WSOP Expo in July to host a 'Man vs. Machine' Match
The University of Alberta, Canada's favorite computer program Polaris is at it again. This is a poker-bot that has been developed by a team of researchers. Staff of this university has been making poker-bot programs for years, and this is a new and improved version. The computer will be pitted against two players from stoxpoker, an online poker training site. This match will go down on July 4-6 at the Rio during the WSOP.
This match will follow a similar format to one had in Vancouver last summer where Phil Laak played against Polaris. There will be a bunch of 500 hand "duplicate" games of fixed-limit hold'em. This means in each game that the two human players will play 500 hands of LHE against Polaris at the same time, with the same cards being dealt out in both games. The hole cards will be switched, making it a reversal. All the chips won or lost by each team will be combined together to decide the winner of that game. Using this "duplicate" poker method reduces the luck component, ensuring the match is a much more precise measure of the poker-playing skill of the humans compared to that of Polaris, the computer player.
The experts at the university insist that soon two player hold'em will be solved, like checkers, wherein the computer will always be able to win and have an edge. It will be fascinating to see who wins this round, and see if the humans can once again send the computer to the rail.

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