WPT 25k Championship Day Three | Poker After Dark Season Four | Poker Player Alliance Hits One Million Members.

WPT 25k Championship Day Three | Poker After Dark Season Four | Poker Player Alliance Hits... 0001

WPT Day Three

A funny moment started the day when Daniel Negreanu helped induce a rule change. The 'show one, show both' rule has now been vetoed. After this announcement, play got under way.

188 players took to the tables on Day Three of the World Poker Tour Championship with three million great reasons to play poker. Day Three was the day that the money would start being paid out, with the top 100 players winning some cash. Surprisingly it took practically no time at all over a mere three levels to burst the money bubble. Bust-outs were fast and furious despite the slow structure and large amount of chips in play.

Once the tournament was down to the last 100 players, the bust-outs got even more insane! Dozens of players busted out in the next few hours, including many notable players. Daniel Negreanu went down in 76th for a $39k win when his pocket jacks failed to hold up in a 4 way pot. Dutch pro Marcel Luske, despite having an excellent first two days ended busting in 67th when his AK failed to win the race against pocket tens.

Gus Hansen is the current chip leader after winning the biggest pot of the tournament. Gus doubled up off of Tim Phan to 2.2 million chips when all the chips went in on an A34 board. Gus held AK vs. Phans AQ. The turn and river bricked, and Gus was our new chip leader.

Fellow European Martin de Knijff is also sitting pretty in 4th with 856k chips at the moment and there are many famous players still alive such as TJ Cloutier, Isabelle Mercier, Carlos Mortensen, J.C. Tran and Robert Mizrachi. With such a deep field all still in the hunt for the final table it is hard to predict who could do what. There are only 55 players left leading into Day Four, which will see the field shrink to 27.

Here is what the Top Ten looks like going into Day 4:

1. Gus Hansen 2,246,000

2. Cory Carrol 1,900,000

3. David Chiu 1,231,000

4. Martin de Knijff 856,000

5. Nick Binger 829,000

6. Tom Dwan 805,000

7. Peter Neff 781,000

8. Jeff Shulman 771,000

9. Mark Newhouse 770,000

10. Robert Mizrachi 701,000

WPT 25k Championship Day Three | Poker After Dark Season Four | Poker Player Alliance Hits... 101

Poker After Dark Season Four

The Poker After Dark television series has announces some huge changes for its upcoming 4th season. There will be 20 new players making their debuts this season, adding to the ranks of the veritable who's who of the poker world. The main differences from the usual format will be changes to the games and structures, giving viewers a greater variation. One of the special sub-plots will be a 4 person $50k heads-up tournament by Ted Forrest, Phil Hellmuth, Paul Wasicka and Chris Ferguson. It will be a winner takes all $200k first prize.

There will be many episodes of $200/$400 No Limit cash games starring poker elite. The first series of cash games will feature Patrik Antonious, Gabe Kaplan, Dee Tiller, Howard Lederer, Doyle Brunson and Eli Elezra. The second series will include Phil Hellmuth, Antonio Esfandiari, Allen Cunningham, Guy Laliberte and Mike Baxter.

Some of the themes from previous seasons will be back, such as

the "Dream Match" which pits an online qualifier versus five established pros. There will be a "Brilliant Minds" theme which showcases all of the mathematically inclined players and a "Mayfair Club" which is bringing all the old NYC poker clubs regulars back together. So far all the new themes and player additions are adding up to be what looks like one of the best seasons ever.

Here is an exciting list of who is also expected on the show this summer: Brian "sbrugby" Townsend, Tom "durrr" Dwan, Johnny Chan, Huck Seed, Andrew "good2cu" Robl, Dewey Tomko, Phil Gordon, Gabe Kaplan, Cory Zeidman, Todd Brunson, David Grey, Mike Matusow, David Williams, Clonie Gowen, Phil Laak, Brandon Adams, Jimmy Warren, Jennifer Harman, Gavin Smith, Mike Sexton, David Sklansky, Andy Black, Lee Watkinson, and Allen Cunningham.

WPT 25k Championship Day Three | Poker After Dark Season Four | Poker Player Alliance Hits... 102

"If You Play, Have A Say"

A very sweet announcement was made today by the Poker Player Alliance (PPA). It announced that it has reached over one million members, and is planning some great things to further poker advocacy. Amongst the plans are a voter registration program and a political committee.

The voter registration program will be available online, at poker2008.org in addition to voter registration drives during the 2008 WSOP, and in important states across America. This campaign is being called the 'If You Play, Have A Say." The goal is to register 100,000new members.

The plans for forming a strategic political committee revolve around the 'PokerPAC Action committee,' which is now the PPA's political branch. Former senator and PPA chairman Alfonse D'Amato will be the PAC Chairman and will be the man in Washington trying to get the PPA message across in congress.

Today's announcements are good news for poker player's rights, and the events in the United States will reverberate through Europe. Hopefully the PPA continues its successes and gets continued support from players worldwide.

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