Robin Keston Among EPT Monte Carlo Front Runners

Robin Keston Among EPT Monte Carlo Front Runners 0001

If you scan the International poker media today you'll see a buzz being created for the sudden chip lead of Antonio Esfandiari at the EPT Grand Final in Monte Carlo. Understandably this is big news for such a colourful character of poker who has been in the background of the tournament scene for a few years, and who now has a shot at the 'Trifecta' by adding an EPT title to his WSOP and WPT honours.

But while the whole world is talking 'The Magician', Johnny Lodden and Joe Hachem's controversial altercation with Woody Deck; there is very little being said about Robin Keston. This London based player has quietly and methodically got himself up to 2nd place on the penultimate day of one of the biggest events in poker. There are only a handful of tables remaining and every one of them has some of the biggest names in poker sitting at them, but don't be surprised if this quiet man of poker puts his big stack to devastating use towards the final table.

Keston is a super high stakes PLO specialist and only occasional tournament player in the UK. He was on one of the original series of Late Night Poker and later on this year you can see him bust me from the Party Poker European Open on Channel 5. Despite being a cash game specialist, a major title would certainly be deserved to this 15 year veteran who has a fearless aggressive style of play.

The only other remaining player from the UK is unknown Andrew Luetchford sitting near the bottom. With names like Joe Hachem, Freddy Deeb, Oyyind Riisem, Luca Pagano and of course the Magician in the field, he will have his work cut out to build that short stack up. Surinder Sunar from the UK was the unfortunate bubble boy when his pocket jacks were cracked by the KhQh of Ricardo Sousa.

These are the chip counts heading into the final day, don't forget you can catch all the action at our Live Updates Section.

Antonio Esfandiari (USA) — 1,198,000

Robin Keston (UK) — 916,000

Denes Kalo (Hungary) — 642,000

Johnny Lodden (Norway) — 623,000

Maxime Villemure (Canada) — 600,000

Mostafa Belkhayate (Morocco) — 523,000

Gerasimos Deres (Sweden) — 494,500

Henrik Gwinner (Denmark) — 487,000

David Shade Kruger (USA) — 486,500

Thomas Boekhoff (Germany) — 465,000

Rami Boukai (USA) — 425,000

Eric Liu (USA) — 398,000

Noah Siegel (USA) — 388,500

Stig Top Rasmussen (Denmark) — 373,000

Glen Chorny (Canada) — 344,000

Oyvind Riisem (Norway) — 340,000

Pablo Ubierna (Spain) — 316,000

Peter Traply (Hungary) — 300,500

Valeriy Ilikyan (Russia) — 295,000

Claudio Pagano (Italy) — 291,000

Jonathan Dwek (Canada) — 282,000

Luca Pagano (Italy) — 279,500

Amit Makhija (USA) — 269,500

David Miara (France) — 249,500

Isaac Baron (USA) — 236,500

Joe Hachem (Australia) — 214,500

Michael Martin (USA) — 141,500

Freddy Deeb (USA) — 140,500

Alexander Morozov (Russia) — 133,000

Raymond Rahme (South Africa) — 133,000

Walid Bou Habib (Lebanon) — 127,500

Benjamin Sprengers (USA) — 127,000

Anders Berg (Norway) — 124,000

Andrew Luetchford (UK) — 116,000

Vincent Secher (France) — 92,500

Anthony Chatelain (Sweden) — 83,500

Tomas Brolin (Sweden) — 74,000

Andreas Fluri (Switzerland) — 61,000

Stefan Geim (Germany) — 58,000

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