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Responsible Gaming Day | PokerNews Cup Austria | WPT Settles Lawsuit

Responsible Gaming Day | PokerNews Cup Austria | WPT Settles Lawsuit 0001

The Responsible Gaming Day

The EU parliament was treated to an event organized by the online gaming industry. Various people from the gambling sector came to show support, varying from the bosses of state-owned gambling companies, to political policy makers to respected academics. The event was called 'The Responsible Gaming Day,' and set out to explain the needs and potential of the online gaming industry and how it relates to government.

The biggest issues being addressed were within the boundaries of online poker, online casinos, and online sports betting venues. Being discussed was the fairness of the games, the security of online payments, and a special focus on underage gambling.

Poker and internet are ever-expanding in Europe, and much attention has been garnered unto the online gaming industries from European media and politicians. This event was organized to bring together all the key figures from the various sectors to bring all ideas and best practices forward.

One of the strongest themes of the day was how important government involvement is, and needs to be in the industry to further expansion and solidify responsible growth. The industry leaders all feel that having a strong relationship with the governments of the EU is necessary, and this day helped bring the sides together by laying out all the relevant information on the government's doorstep.

Also being addressed was the need for assistance programs for people with gambling disorders. According to some, being able to track gamblers info online is much easier than relying on what a gambler claims to have happened. Having accurate statistics readily available makes it easier to understand and subsequently diagnose the problem.

This event 'Responsible Gaming Day' brought together all the strong minds in the industry before the EU parliament and let people know that responsible gaming is on the forefront of the gaming industries agenda.

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PokerNews Cup in Austria!

The time is upon us! Finally the conclusion of the exciting Pokernews Cup is nearing, and we are excited to see who takes this tournament down!

We would like to congratulate and wish the best of luck to all our players that have qualified through Pokernews Freerolls!

This amazing event starts soon, on April 23rd at the Concord Casino in Salzburg, Austria. The main event is €650, and is expected to draw hundreds of players. We are proud to be sending countless players to play in it for free with our €1500 packages! Most of these players got in on our exclusive Freerolls, and if you are reading this, and got in on a freeroll then enjoy your time in Austria! Check out this page for more info: PokerNews Cup Austria

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WPT Lawsuit Settled

The WPT has settled its lawsuit with several notable poker players. This lawsuit was filed back in 2006 by Andy Bloch, Annie Duke, Phil Gordon, Howard Lederer and Chris Ferguson. The players had a big problem with the release forms that the WPT required them to sign in order to play the tournaments. According to the player's legal team, the release forms violated both federal and state anti-trust laws.

The players claimed that they had to release the rights to have their names and images used in whatever ways the WPT wanted. This included being used in video games and other promotions on behalf of the WPT, yet receiving no compensation from the WPT. It doesn't seem fair especially considering the players have to buy into the tournaments themselves.

The WPT people flat out denied having broken any laws, and argued that its casino contracts and releases do not make them liable for any malfeasance.

It appears that after several years of a drawn out legal battle, both sides agreed the lawsuit was portraying a negative light on poker. No money was included in the settlement; however the WPT has agreed to institute an improved standard release form to all players in WPT events.

Spokesperson Chris Ferguson seems happy with the settlement, saying he feels the new standard release forms will protect the player's rights to control their own images. Now all players worldwide will be protected, ultimately making this lawsuit a success.

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