It's Party Time for Poker on TV!

It's Party Time for Poker on TV! 0001

Party Poker appear to have really cornered the televised poker market. No sooner do two of their shows finish their current series than another two jump right into their time slots. Late Night Poker and the Poker Den have finished for the series, but this week has been replaced by the Premier League 2 and European Open IV.

The Party Poker Premier League kicked off again last night on Channel 4 and will be running right into the Summer. This was of course part of our exclusive Pokernews live updates and saw the likes of Tony G, Andy Black, Phil Hellmuth and the Devilfish squaring off on one another. We won't ruin the result for you, but if you can't wait just head to our live reporting section.

Or head over to Matchroom's web site for an exclusive sneak preview of the events here:

What makes the Premier League unique is that rather than a single tournament or shootout format (like most poker shows) this is done on a leader board basis (hence the name Premier League). This adds a whole new dynamic where hanging on for 3rd place in a given game might actually be beneficial and we will see some very different action at the tables.

Also starting tonight on Channel 5 is the European Open IV, which was last year won by Liam Flood. This event attracted some big names like Ian Frazer, Roy Brindley and Mr Hellmuth once again. It also featured a little known Pokernews writer named Barry Carter (I don't think I'm giving much away when I say I didn't win it) as he stutters and stumbles his way to a 5th place finish in his heat.

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