Casino Estoril Poker Championship

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From the 122 players that turned up at Casino Estoril in Lisbon, the player with the biggest smile at the end of the tournament was João Ramos.

Casino Estoril launched this year the "Casino Estoril Poker Championship 2008", which includes 10 x €110 buy-in No Limit Hold'em events, and will culminate in December with the Main Event being a €330 event.

These tournaments will be played on the last Wednesday of each month from January until October 2008.

Casino Estoril is the biggest Casino in Europe, with more slot machines than any other, and has the best conditions I have ever seen to host a World Class poker tournament, with a beautiful lobby that could have more than 50 tables at the same time.

Last December we had the Casino Estoril Poker Open – PT.PokerNews a €220 buy-in event with 171 players.

With a €110 buy-in, 4000 starting chips and blinds rising every 25 minutes, this would be a fast structure, and was played in 8 hours on Wednesday January 30th.

The Heads-Up was played between João Ramalho and Hélder Roque.

Final Results

1º - João Ramos €2.562

2º - Hélder Roque €1.830

3º - Alberto Cardoso €1.220

4º - Ricardo Carlos €647

5º - Jorge Ventura €598

6º - Nuno Geraldes €586

7º - Paulo Castelo €573

8º - Filipe "Filpac" Pacheco €561

9º - Luís Filipe Pereira €549

10º - Daniel Ferreira €537

11º - Ruben Aires €366

12º - Aníbal Figueiredo €317

13º - Eduardo Freitas€293

14º - João Barreto €281

15º - Sérgio Fernandes €244

16º - Luís Antunes €232

17º - Alexandre Carrasco €220

18º - Manuel Ramos €207

19º - Ricardo Campos €195

20º - Francisco Castro €183

First 3 players received entry to December Final with a €330 buy-in.

Next stage will be held on February 27th.

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