German Gambling Act faces eight lawsuits

German Gambling Act faces eight lawsuits 0001

According to a recent German press release, eight lawsuits against the German Gambling Act have been filed with the European Court of Justice.

Four administration courts have expressed their concerns about the Act's legality.

PokerNews has already reported about a lawsuit in Stuttgart. Cologne, Gießen and Schleswig-Holstein were supposed to follow but Schleswig-Holstein combined the charges and forwarded them to the European Court of Justice.

Reason for all this was the rejection of a Gibraltar based online operator for sports betting by the state of Schleswig-Holstein. The judges stated the court had to reject the operator due to the German Gambling Act.

The fact remains that the freedom of services is unlawfully limited as the Federal Republic of Germany is still overseen by the Federal Constitutional Court and the European Court of Justice

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