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Poker ranking players in Casinos Austria 2007

Poker ranking players in Casinos Austria 2007 0001

The 4 best poker players for the Casinos Austria ranking have been determined:-

Ivo Donev (A) followed by Sebastian Behrend (Ger), Sigfried Rath (A) and Andreas Krause (Ger).

It was a strong finish by the German speaking countries as Austria and Germany have two players among the top 4.

First place went to Ivo Donev. With 15 finishes in the points as well as a victory and a second place in August's Bodensee Championship he could scoop the title.

Sebastian Behrend came in second. His performances improved subsequently during the year and especially within the last few weeks of 2007. He went deep in the tournaments of Salzburg, Bregenz and Seefeld and with 15 points-finishes, he was able to get ahead of Siegfried Rath.

Here are the top 20 of the Casinos Austria Ranking:

1st Ivo Donev (A) 63.407

2nd Sebastian Behrend (D) 52.498

3rd Siegfried Rath (A) 51.333

4th Andreas Krause (D) 48.708

5th Vito Branciforte (I) 46.914

6th Tommi Lindfors (FIN) 42.443

7th Erich Kollmann (A) 41.554

8th Stefan Rapp (A) 39.365 33

09th Daniel Studer (CH) 37.951

10th Fabrizio Leonardi (I) 37.932

11th Ben Van der Meij (NL) 34.337

12th Rudolf Zintel (D) 30.896 37

13th Alexander Zaja (HR) 30.417

14th Harald Casagrande (A) 29.840

15th Heinz Traut (D) 28.159

16th Bobby G (D) 27.559

17th Flavio Campanile (I) 27.368

18th Dogan Güngör (CH) 27.159

19th Toni (D) 26.635

20th Vlado Sevo (A) 26.105

The top 20 will compete in a freeroll on 27th February 2008 in Bregenz. The prize money of €5,500 will be sponsored by the Casinos Austria.

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