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Everest Poker Reveal European Player Characteristics Survey

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Are those crazy Scandies really that crazy? Are we Brits really a reserved bowler hat wearing bunch of nits? Ever since the poker boom hit Europe we poker players have had our preconceptions about the merits of all the other European nations and their ability to play poker. But now the people in the know have shed some light on the subject. If anyone is going to know the truth about the merits of the different European poker nations, it's multi-lingual poker room Everest Poker. They have been studying the characteristics of the many nationalities playing in their card rooms over the last 6 months to find out what you can expect from our European cousins.


Not surprisingly, the Scandinavians have been observed to be very loose and aggressive. "Sweden was one of the first countries where the online poker boom really took off so they have had a head start," said Robert Dahlstrom, Everest Poker's Swedish Event Coordinator "You often hear Swedish players comment how poorly many of the players from Southern Europe play the game. Swedish players still enjoy a well deserved respect on the continent but the gap is beginning to close and there is an increasing danger of complacency."


Are one of the newer and more developing nations in poker, but it may come as a surprise to some that they do not come across as fiery and red blooded as their National stereotype would suggest. Chess is very popular in Spain, and as such a more calculated and analytical game is typical of the Spanish.


Another one of the quickly developing nations who, by all accounts, enjoy taking risks in the bigger games to improve their experience. "Thousands of poker books have been sold in 2007 and they take their learning very seriously. German players often prefer to play against the professionals, knowing they will lose some money, in order to gain experience" said Olaf Schimp of Everest Germany.


If like us, you lick your lips in excitement when you see a French player sitting at your table, then you are probably seeing the somewhat crazy and erratic style the French are said to have. By all accounts, the French players encounter the biggest swings of all of us, incurring some of the biggest losses but also enjoying some spectacular winning streaks.


Just like the French, if you find yourself sitting across from an Italian it won't be long until all your chips are in the middle of the table. Italians are quite impulsive and erratic, loving action and enjoying bluffing. "Italian players love the action, rate super-aggressive players and play to win big," said Marco Trucco from Everest's Italian division.

The UK

Obviously we think we are the best in Europe, but what do the rest of the World actually view us as being like? Ed Pownall from Everest UK fills us in: "Like the national stereotype, players from the UK are reserved and cautious, especially early on, and take their time to get into a game. While this can be a good tactic, if there are particularly aggressive players the lack of risk-taking can cost the Brits in tournament play."

So are we really a bunch of poker nits? Chances are that the above is probably how most of us would have guessed we had been viewed by the rest of the world, but clearly Everest have never been to the £10 rebuy at my local casino.

So now you know what our table image is, it's time to exploit it. Get yourself an Everest Poker account and start playing like a maniac (they'll assume you have aces every time) and get an exclusive $150 bonus when you use the sign up code PNEWS2.

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