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There are tells and there are blatant tells!!

There are tells and there are blatant tells!! 0001

Here's a little story from a card room in Yorkshire.

We all like to find a tell on someone but would you pick up on this one? We will pick up a tourney just outside the rebuy period. We have a full table of 10 people and the action is flowing, there is a player who we will call Mr A who is on the phone.

Now in this card room there is a rule about mobile phones, if you're on the phone when the cards are dealt then your hand is dead. Everyone knows the rule and although no one likes it, all the players know it. So Mr A is on the phone and he picks up his cards… and makes a raise to 300 and he's still on the phone!! 2 other players call and the next player states that Mr A's hands is dead, there's a little commotion at the table and the card room manager is called over. He makes the decision that although Mr A's hand should be dead on this occasion he will let him off with a warning. The hand finished and one player who will be called Mr B said to no one but himself "What's the point of having rules!"

Now Mr A took great offence to this and proceeded to show his dissatisfaction to the table. A few choice words were said not only to the dealer but to Mr B. Now Mr A is rather a fiery chap and has been known to shoot from the hip so to say and starts to tell Mr B he wants to see him outside. Now Mr B has his cards for the next hand and makes a sizeable raise to 1000 (blinds are 100/200) Mr B says to Mr A "ok, no problem, but after this hand" Mr A is not happy about this and picks up a chair to hit Mr B with. Now I know what you're thinking, yes I'm thinking it too, Mr A picks up a chair and motions to hit you with it you go into the foetal position and defend yourself. Oh no not Mr B, His hands are firmly fixed over his cards to protect them. Now in the end Mr A was escorted from the premises and to my knowledge he is now banned. But the question is ….. What was Mr B's hand...? Yup you guessed right, Pocket Aces!

What do you think?

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