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On a cold October evening, the final of the Swedish Poker Tour, arranged by Purple Lounge Poker and Moore Magazine was to take place in Stockholm.

We at PokerNews had the honor of participating in one of the qualifying tournaments in Stockholm earlier that year. We were also present when the final was played but due to time constraints and the PokerNews Cup in Australia, we had to cut the evening short and missed out on one hell of a party. What more could a guy ask for, party at Sturecompagniet, surrounded by poker players and most of all, beautiful models. It really can't get any better, well that's if you are of the male sex.

Despite missing out on the festivities I really enjoyed my time during this Tour, both at the qualifying event and at the final and I'm pretty sure that the players that got to the final all had the same thoughts.

The original plan was to have everything taking place at Sturecompagniet but due to unforeseen circumstances Purple Lounge had to; in the last second, arrange a new venue where the actual play was to take place. And I have to say, the new venue, located in a basement at Östermalm, had somewhat a mystic feeling about it. A coach brought all the players here where the staff from Purple Lounge had arranged everything from Poker tables to a bar filled with tasty beverages. Everything was set for a night of Poker and with this new venue it felt more of a home game among friends , which I think many of the players appreciated, in a way, it might have taken away some of the nerves. The big difference here was that there were some big prices on the line with a week long trip for two to Macau, China for the first place finisher.

Many refer to Macau as the pearl of the orient and see this place as the counterpart to Las Vegas in the US. There was no doubt that this prize was on the mind of the players.

It took two and a half hours of play before we reached a final table. Among these final nine players was Bo Sehlsted, one of the most respected poker players in Sweden. Sadly he was knocked out in 8th place, just after Andreas Johnson. When we came down to the final five players they started competing for the prizes that were on offer, prices like PSP game console, Cyber shot digital camera, Samsung G600 mobile phone and for the 2nd place finisher, a Apple iTouch. The heads-up between Robin and Kenneth was to end in a classic manner, low pair vs. two over cards. Robin was on 3-3 and Kenneth had Q-10. The flop came 8-4-6, turn another 4 and the river was a 7. This gave Robin the win and the trip to Macau. He was very happy after his victory and Kenneth had to settle for the 2nd prize, an Apple iTouch.

After the poker, the players jumped back on the coach and headed back to Sturecompagniet for some serious partying, all on the expense of Purple Lounge. The Purple Lounge staff were very pleased with how everything turned out and a spokesperson said "We're delighted that the tour has been so successful and we've had the chance to give many of our online Swedish players, their first chance to play live. Congratulations to Robin on his win and we look forward to bringing live poker to many more of our players in the near future."

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