Hit and Harrah's Entertainment not giving up on the new Slovenian Las Vegas

Hit and Harrah's Entertainment not giving up on the new Slovenian Las Vegas 0001

Representatives of Hit and the American casino empire Harrah's are continuing negotiations regarding a new mega casino complex in the region of Gorisko in Slovenia. Despite all the rumours and petitions, it seems that the idea of a joint venture that will bring a piece of Las Vegas to our small country of Slovenia, is still alive.

They are continuing the talks that will emerge into a 750 million euros Casino and Hotel Complex.

They are saying that by their optimistic estimates, the mega casino should be up and running in about 3 years and it would be the biggest of his kind in all of Europe.

165 million reasons PRO casino

This project has divided the nation in 2 camps – supporters and opposers. Though it is a huge opportunity for our tourism and a great business opportunity for other supporting companies, who would probably annually get around 165 million euros of orders and it would offer in excess of 8000 new work places and would be a big piece of the next national budgets.

The lowest unemployment numbers CONTRA casino

The locals feel that the existing casinos have brought enough trouble and social problems to their environment and are afraid of what will follow the ever greater casino complex, that would attract not only local problems, but would invite them from across the border. They are stating that all this might just be too much for their peaceful part of the land. A part, that would soon be overrun by bulldozers and construction workers. In their opinion the unemployment is already at an all time low, and that bringing new work into the region would be a huge burden to their living conditions. More than 20.000 people have already signed their petition against more casinos in the region.

Meanwhile, the companies are still arguing who should be the majority shareholder, with Hit insisting they should have a 51 % stake in the matter. But the happy ending to this story is moving further and further away.

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