Romania is growing poker players!

Romania is growing poker players! 0001

In the last three years Romania has been playing hard on the European poker market, and Ro PokerNews has the pleasure to inform you about changes in our country, the tournaments, the laws, the players, and all the other events surrounding the world of poker in our area.

In Romania, the current legislation is a little bit permissive concerning the poker games and the tournaments organized. This year the Government proposed a new law on gambling, but due to the problems affecting Romania, the decision most probably will be taken in 2008. The poker tournaments and any other kind of events from the gambling sphere can be played only in the casinos, any other location being forbidden by law. Today, in Romania there are only 21 casinos that have a license from the Finance Ministry, and those are:

- 11 casinos in Bucharest

- 2 casinos in Timisoara

- 2 casinos in Craiova

- 2 casinos in Constanta

- 1 casino in Galati

- 1 casino in Iasi

- 1 casino in Sinaia

- 1 casino in Cluj

{banner}These ones are perfectly legal and have all the card games, tables for Texas Holdem (favourite among Romanians) and are organizing a lot of tournaments. The famous casinos in Romania are: The Palace, The MGM, The Queen and The Napoleon in Bucharest, and in Timisoara: The Senator and The Bastion.

As we speak, Romania is rolling out the Romanian Cup, the third edition, hosted by the Senator Casino, in Timisoara, and this event is sponsored by Party Poker. Party Poker offered Romanian players a special freeroll, and the winners received four packages of 1100$, that included 875$, the buy-in for the Romania Cup, and 225$, for travel and accommodation. The event will last until the Final Table, due to be on 16 December. We wish all players good luck at the poker tables!

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