Paul Bracken Wins GUKPT Blackpool

Paul Bracken Wins GUKPT Blackpool 0001

The penultimate leg of the Grosvenor UK Poker Tour showed no signs of losing any momentum, as 350 players embarked on the Vegas of the UK, Blackpool. In this, the final stop before the grand final at the Victoria, one of the biggest prize pools on the leg so far was on the table with £109,000 going to the eventual champion.

The final brought with it two very 'in-form' players indeed. UK Cash player Neil 'Bad Beat' Channing was once again in contention, after making the finale of the GBPT just last week. Joining him was the previous GUKPT London Champion, Canadian Leo Kam, hoping to be the first GUKPT double champion.

The rest of the final looked like this:

Paul Murrell 691,000
Neil Channing 547,000
Ben Vinson 483,000
Mike Williams 481,000
Paul Bracken 460,000
Paul Gardner 323,000
Leo Kam 199,000
Ben Herron 179,000
Lee Biddulph 163,000

No joy for Kam this time around, as his Ace-King went up against the pocket kings of Mike Williams, however he has surely made his mark on the UK circuit and is definitely one to watch for 2008. Channing also missed out on a much deserved and long due title when he got short stacked and pushed with king ten and was called by the pocket eights of Paul Murrell.

Ben Vinson, son of GUKPT Luton finalist Alan Vinson, was very unlucky not to get heads up, and went out in third for £38,000 – though we are sure his father will be very proud of the performance from the 20 year old student from Derby. The heads up battle was between Paul Bracken, a professional cash game player from London, originally out of Ireland, and Paul Gardner of Teeside.

The battle didn't last a great deal of time, after seeing a flop of {10-Spades}{9-Hearts}{6-Hearts} Gardner moved all in with {10-Diamonds}{5-Diamonds} and is quickly called by Bracken holding {6-Spades}{9-Spades} for two pair. No help on the turn and river and Paul Bracken is the last GUKPT champion of the tour before the grand final at the Victoria. The £3000 main event begins in less than a fortnight.

1st Paul Bracken £109,700
2nd Paul Gardner £56,500
3rd Ben Vinson £38,850
4th Paul Murrell £28,250
5th Neil Channing £21,200
6th Mike Williams £17,650
7th Lee Biddulph £14,100
8th Ben Herron £10,600
9th Leo Kam £8,800

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