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Bet on the PokerNews Cup at Bodog

Bet on the PokerNews Cup at Bodog 0001

This week things are really heating up at the PokerNews Cup in Melbourne, Australia. Bodog Life is providing an opportunity for poker fans that can't make the event to still take part. They have provided a betting market for two of the events; the PokerNews Australian Bad Boys of Poker $10,000 Invitational and the PokerNews Cup Main Event are both being covered.

The Bad Boys of Poker event is a $10,000 event featuring some of the biggest names in poker. WSOP Champion Joe Hachem will be playing, as well as bracelet winners Jeff Lisandro, Mark Vos, Gary Benson and Tony G. It will be a sensational televised tournament featuring the absolute highest standard of poker. Bodog's market for the Bad Boys of Poker Event is shown below.

Joe Hachem 5/2
Jeff Lisandro 4/1
Tony G 4/1
David Saab 5/1
Mark Vos 5/1
Gary Benson 10/1
Arul Thillai 10/1
Emad Tahtouh 10/1
Billy Argyros 10/1
Sam Khouiss 10/1

{banner}The PokerNews Cup Main Event will also create a lot of interest. Heading the market currently are Jeff Lisandro, Joe Hachem, Mark Vos and Tony G, showing the immense quality of the PokerNews Cup field. Betting on the event is sure to be popular.

Jeff Lisandro 15/1
Joe Hachem 15/1
Mark Vos 15/1
Tony Guoga 15/1
Mel Judah 18/1
Van Marcus 20/1
Emad Tahtouh 20/1
Gary Benson 20/1
Jason Gray 20/1
Lee Nelson 20/1
Tino Lechich 20/1
Arul Thillai 30/1
Billy Argyros 30/1
Fred Saliba 30/1
George Dunst 30/1
George Mamacas 30/1
Graeme Putt 30/1
James Potter 30/1
Joe Huminicki 30/1
Julian Powell 30/1
Kit Manoel 30/1
Leo Boxell 30/1
Martin Comer 30/1
Michael Guttman 30/1
Nathan Bobik 30/1
Peter Pratis 30/1
Ralph Burd 30/1
Rayan Nathan 30/1
Richard Holmes 30/1
Sam Korman 30/1
Sarah Bilney 30/1
Steve Hegyi 30/1
Tony Hachem 30/1
Angie Italiano 40/1
David Saab 40/1
Eric Assadourian 40/1
Eric Faccer 40/1
Gernot Abl 40/1
Jamie Pickering 40/1
Joe Meissner 40/1
John Maver 40/1
Jonny Vincent 40/1
Jovan Scekic 40/1
Jozef Berec 40/1
Matt Downing 40/1
Mike Comer 40/1
Roy Bhasin 40/1
Sam Khouiss 40/1
Scott Smith 40/1

If you want to place a bet at Bodog Life on either of the events listed, you can open an account at Bodog Poker and take advantage of a 10% sign up bonus up to $1000.

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