PokerNews Cup Update: UK PokerNews Writer Goes Close

PokerNews Cup Update: UK PokerNews Writer Goes Close 0001

Day one of the inaugural PokerNews Cup kicked off on Sunday with the two day $175 No Limit Holdem Event. The Crown Casino poker room was bursting at the seams with hundreds of players vying for chance of winning the first event at the PokerNews Cup. If this event is an indicator then we are in for an outstanding festival of poker!

Following a quality battle on the final table Steve Charles prevailed. The winning hand saw a flop of {7-Spades} {6-Clubs} {3-Clubs}. After Charles bet 300,000 Mastorakos moved all in and was called by Charles. Mastorakos turned {a-Clubs} {9-Clubs} for a nut flush draw, while Charles had {7-Diamonds} {9-Diamonds} for top pair. The turn was the {10-Spades} and river the {4-Hearts} with Charles holding on to claim the title. It was a fantastic effort by Charles after battling back from a stack of less than a big blind.

1 16,615 AUD Steve Charles
2 12,050 AUD Jim Mastorakos
3 8,726 AUD Renyuan Liu
4 6,648 AUD Shane Pickering
5 4,986 AUD David French
6 4,155 AUD Tim Simon
7 3,324 AUD John Maroky
8 2,493 AUD Jason Green
9 1,662 AUD Ramy Tadros
10 831 AUD Nick Matthews

The second event at the PokerNews Cup was the $230 Pot Limit Omaha with $100 rebuys. The event had 139 entrants and a final prizepool of $96,800AUD.

This was an exciting event for UK PokerNews, with popular writer Barry Carter doing the Brits proud with a final table appearance. Barry finished in fourth place! Congratulations Barry on an outstanding effort and good luck for the remaining events. The final table was fought out by some outstanding players, with high profile players Lee Nelson and Tino Lechich joining Carter deep in the tournament. Nelson is the well known author of popular poker book "Kill Phil".

1 22,264 AUD Tino Lechich
2 14,520 AUD Karlos Farah
3 10,648 AUD Stewart Scott
4 8,712 AUD Barry Carter
5 6,776 AUD Rainer Quel
6 5,808 AUD Lee Nelson
7 4,804 AUD Jim Sachinidis
8 3,872 AUD Sandra Propper
9 2,904 AUD Adrian Sullivan
10 1,936 AUD Julian Powell

The only place to go for all the PokerNews Cup hands, bust outs and drama is our world class Live Reporting pages. You will be able to follow the progress of family and friends as the tournaments develop.

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