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The next series of PartyPoker Late Night Poker is being filmed in Cardiff from the 23rd of October. Some added interest for poker fans comes from, who are offering odds on the winner of the series. Amongst the early favorites are Andy Black, Roland De Wolfe and Liam Flood. As mentioned earlier this week on UK PokerNews, the event will be televised on Channel 4 in the UK and Ireland early next year before being show internationally.

A spokesman said: "With so many great players in the line-up it is very hard to make the market and pretty much impossible to make a concrete favourite. Ian Frazer and Liam Flood are amongst the frontrunners because of their previous success in similar formats, while Pascal Perrault is fancied on the basis of form."

"Odds certainly spark debate. We just hope we don't catch a cold with poker betting like we did when a punter made $25,000 by backing Jon Kalmar with $100 to make the final table of the WSOP Main event at odds of 250/1."

Personally I think that Robert Williamson III has a genuine chance to take home the title. This is a great topic for all the readers of UK PokerNews to discuss in our Poker Forum. Tell us who you think will win!

PartyPoker Late Night Poker (1/5 1-2-3)

20/1 Andy Black

20/1 Roland De Wolfe

20/1 Liam Flood

20/1 Ian Frazer

20/1 Anders Henriksson

20/1 Pascal Perrault

20/1 Annette Obrestad

25/1 Praz Bansi

25/1 Joe Beevers

25/1 Jamie Gold

25/1 Jon Kalmar



25/1 Sir_Call

25/1 Littlezcam

25/1 Robert Williamson III

25/1 Dave Ulliott

25/1 Simon Trumper

25/1 Jen Mason

25/1 Eddy Scharf

25/1 Rene Mouritsen

25/1 Marcel Luske

25/1 Martin Wendt

25/1 Marc Goodwin

25/1 Barny Boatman

25/1 Dave Colclough

33/1 Jac Arama

33/1 Padraig Parkinson


33/1 Offsuit62

33/1 Fishhook_no1

33/1 SandbagNHide

33/1 JayPah

33/1 Immortal1224

33/1 Paul Jackson

33/1 Ram Vaswani

33/1 David Tighe

33/1 Surinder Sunar

33/1 Bo Sehlstedt

33/1 Roy Brindley

33/1 Xuyen Pham

33/1 Donnacha O'Dea

33/1 Maria Demetriou

33/1 Michael Keiner

33/1 Maud Mulder

33/1 Kevin O'Connell

33/1 Korosh

40/1 Agnieszka Rylik

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