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EPT Barcelona Day 1A - UK Update

EPT Barcelona Day 1A - UK Update 0001

Day 1a of the inaugural EPT in Barcelona and its not look rosy for the Brits thus far. Only 9 UK players remain from the 99 survivors of day 1a, however its not all bad. Joining the chip leaders Gregory Dyer and Mark Vos is England's Mark Teltscher. Teltscher, who is 2nd in chips, is better known for winning the 2nd EPT London event in 2005 and it looks like he is in good shape to attempt a second.

Not too far behind him is UK circuit veterans Richard Ashby in 20th place and Julian Thew in 44th. Dan Carter and Michael Greco are also hanging on by the skin of their teeth, sitting on their starting stacks just about.

APAT champion Philip Starrs is hanging in there too. Phil won the £75 Scottish Amateur title back in April and with it won entry into this event. He'll have to make some moves in day 2 though as he is sitting on a mere 15,000 chips.

The top chip counts so far look like this:

Gregory Dyer 76,500

Mark Teltscher 67,300

Mark Vos 64,300

Sander Lylloff 62,600

Sverre Sundbo 60,500

Hopefully day 1b will see a better showing from the Brits, but they will have their work cut out, as Daniel Negreanu, Greg Raymer and Luca Pagano are amongst the confirmations for day 1b.

For all the action on the UKs finest in Barcelona stay tuned to our EPT Live Updates.

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