Dave Colclough makes Back to Back Final Tables

Dave Colclough makes Back to Back Final Tables 0001

Expect to see Dave 'El Blondie' Colclough climb up the European Rankings at the end of this month. The GUKPT Manchester winner has just made his second final table of the National Poker League – UK. He came 5th in the £500 NLHE, where he was joined by Tony G and eventual winner Mike Conway.

El Blondie went straight into the next £500 NLHE tournament and our last reports tell us that he was second in chips in a table that looks as follows:

Jason De Freitas (£32,700 in chips)

Dave Colclough (£27,050 in chips)

Paul Ephremsen (£23,100 in chips)

Hugh Mullally (£11,450 in chips)

Stuart Nash (£11,100 in chips)

Albert Sapiano (£9,800 in chips)

The final table is being filmed for broadcast across the World and the NPL is set to make stops at Monte Carlo, Manilla, Toronto and Vegas.

Colclough is currently 7th in the European Rankings and 2nd in the UK Rankings (Behind fellow GUKPT champ Dave Smith). However, its final table placings that make the impact in the Mansion sponsored player of the year rankings, if Colclough can get a result in the upcoming WSOPE or EPT events it could nick the title for him.

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