Head Hunting on Cryptologic

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Cryptologic have launched a brand new tournament for their customers. The HeadHunter Challenge is an innovative form of online poker tournament where players are paid a bounty for each player they eliminate.

The HeadHunter Challenge is already proving a massive hit amongst online poker regulars. Javaid Aziz, CryptoLogic's President and CEO said, " The Headhunter Challenge tournament is an industry first and should be a major marketing draw for our customers. And with CryptoLogic's new Tournament Key Hands Review tool, we're giving players more tools than ever to improve their games – and their entertainment experience."

"CryptoLogic continues to blaze the Internet poker trail with software that gives players more entertainment, more information and more innovation." Enthused Aziz.

So, how does the HeadHunter Challenge work?

According to the press release issued by Cryptologic today: "The Headhunter Challenge is a new type of multi-table poker tournament that allows players to earn cash for every 'head' they eliminate, plus any share they win of the overall prize pool. Skilled players should be careful, though, because the value of each player's 'head' increases with everyone they eliminate, so the best players will be big targets."

To coincide with the new tournament format, Cryptologic are also launching headhunterchallenge.com. The web site will feature game description, high-resolution screenshots and a step-by-step playing guide.

There are plenty of places to play the HeadHunter Challenge, of course. Cryptologic is one of the most popular poker networks around, after all. For sheer ease of download, set-up and registration we recommend Inter Poker, Littlewoods Poker or William Hill Poker

Ed note: Play the HeadHunter Challenge at Littlewoods Poker and earn £100 in bonus cash every month

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