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Get Ready for the Party Poker Premier League on TV!

Get Ready for the Party Poker Premier League on TV! 0001

The Party Poker Premier League was filmed earlier this year in Maidstone in Kent and UK Poker News was proud to bring our readers real time updates via Poker News' market-leading Live Updates technology, the same medium that will be bringing you the World Series of Poker in association with Bluff Media LLC.

Now you can see what the hype was all about when Channel 4 begins a 15-part screening of this gripping poker league on Tuesday 22nd May. As poker players, you will no doubt be comfortable with a starting time of 10 minutes to midnight but, oh dear, is Channel 4 missing a trick here?

This event was a new concept comprising several mini-leagues of poker involving the biggest poker personalities with a lot to say. How can it not be a hit? So why screen it so late?

Here is the full list of participants:

Phil Hellmuth, Dave "The Devilfish" Ulliott, Tony G, Andy Black, Kirill Gerasimov, Liz Lieu, Ian Frazer, Roland De Wolfe, Vicky Coren, Juha Helppi, Kenna James and Eddy Scharf.

We can only imagine the dialogue between Phil Hellmuth, Tony G, The Devilfish and Andrew Black. If it's a peaceful game of cards you want, look elsewhere!

The twelve players competed in a unique league format for a $500,000 pot of which Party Poker generously donated $260,000. The balance was provided by each of the players adding $20,000 each to give them an incentive to do well.

Each player was required to play six times, after which the leading four players would advance to the final table. The players in 5th to 8th places then played off in heads-up matches to qualify for the two remaining seats at the final table.

It is worth quoting from the horses' mouths:

Phil Hellmuth: "Premier League Poker featured a fantastic format filled with skill, twists and turns, great players and made for electric television."

Dave Ulliott: "This is a totally different concept and will make great television, it's like a poker Big Brother. It sets a new bar for televised poker."

Tony G: "The Premier League is the best poker event I have ever played in. A real breakthrough for poker."

Roland De Wolfe: "It's the best made for television tournament I've participated in."

Juha Helppi: "This is better than any normal tournament. It has a perfect structure and will be very interesting to watch."

Vicky Coren: "It's the most fun I've had in a room with a group full of men since the summer of 1976…but that is a different story."

The last quote we will leave for Ireland's enigmatic leading poker player, Andy Black.: "It was excellent. The only thing more interesting to watch on television would be Vicky Coren grappling with a black panther with no claws."

That alone makes it worth watching.

Ed note: Play some of the biggest fields of poker outside the USA. Play Party Poker.

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