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Who's Afraid of the Big Bad de Wolfe?

Who's Afraid of the Big Bad de Wolfe? 0001

European Poker and World Poker Tour winner, Roland de Wolfe has been installed as red hot favourite for the Party Poker World Open which takes place at Three Mills Studios in London this week.

De Wolfe, a recent Irish Open finalist, is in fine form and have noted the young Englishman's reputation is growing on an almost tournament by tournament basis.

A spokesman said: "The odds suggest we are afraid of the 'Big Bad De Wolfe.' We wouldn't want to take a walk through the woods with Roland, but, then again he's more likely to challenge us to a marathon card session than eat us alive."

"Other big runners include Juha Helppi, Liz Lieu, Ian Frazer, Vicky Coren, the Hendon Mob, the Devilfish (another we wouldn't take a walk in the woods with) and Arshad Hussain, who has recently confirmed his participation."

This years tournament features 72 of the toughest poker players in the world. With a $7,000 buy-in generating a prize pool in excess of $500,000 it's little wonder the big names are interested! The event is produced by Matchroom Sport and will be broadcast on Five in the UK later this year and distributed worldwide.

The tournament starts on April 27th and runs until May 4th. The winner is expected to walk away with a $200,000 pay day.

The current odds, according to are:

Roland de Wolfe 20/1
Don Fagan 25/1
Dave Ulliott 25/1
Juha Helppi 25/1
Ram Vaswani 25/1
Ian Frazer 25/1
Barny Boatman 25/1
Liz Lieu 25/1
Scott Fenton 25/1
Roy Brindley 25/1
Marty Smyth 25/1
Ross Boatman 25/1
John Magill 25/1
Barry Hearn 25/1
Jon Hewston 25/1
Vicky Coren 33/1
Anthony Hardy 33/1
Joe Beevers 33/1
Dave Gregory 33/1
Arshad Hussain 33/1
Rumit Somaiya 33/1
Andy Greekfish 33/1
Michael Muldoon 33/1
Thomas Wahlroos 33/1
Ashley Hayles 40/1
Eddie Hearn 40/1
Trevor Readon 40/1
Robin Keston 40/1
Ian Woodley 40/1
Ian Cox 40/1
David Rudling 40/1
Roberto Romanello 40/1
James Akenhead 40/1
Theo Dalton 40/1
Marc Convey 40/1
John Shaw 50/1
Raj Modha 50/1
Anthony Mackay 50/1
Darren Bloom 50/1
Simon Zach 50/1
Rob Cooper 50/1
Achilleas Kallackis 50/1
Mark Herron 50/1
Howard Plant 50/1
Thomas Bihl 50/1
Kevin O' Connell 50/1
David Sassoon 66/1
Richard Anthony 66/1
George Sideras 66/1
Mark Harris 66/1
Anthoni Romanello 66/1
Ryan Fonda 66/1
Chris Karanikki 66/1
Christoph Haller 66/1
Dave Copus 66/1
Jeff Rogers 66/1
Stephen Pearce 66/1
Dale Hoy 80/1
Anthony Lampitt 80/1
Simon Craig 80/1
Mick Kilby 80/1
Hans Ritburg 80/1
Dave Broadhurst 80/1
Mark S 80/1
Charlotte Flanders 80/1
Lascelle Barrow 80/1
Celebrity Winner 100/1

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