Becoming Accepted as a Poker Player: Part 3

Becoming Accepted as a Poker Player: Part 3 0001

No matter how hard you and try and convince them and how articulate your argument is, some people will never accept the fact that you are a poker player. A natural reaction to this might be "screw them" - but the fact is that some of these people may be dependent on you, emotionally or even financially, and you cannot simply leave them out of the loop.

Some people do not accept the poker in your life because they do not understand it. Try and keep these people as informed as possible rather than leaving it in a shroud of mystery and further alienating them from it.

Some people will not accept it because they are scared you will go broke, it is not poker they don't like it is the potential failure you could have they are concerned about. Treasure these people, they only want what is best for you, try and do your best to explain that the risks you take are calculated and minimal, but don't ram it down their throats.

Unfortunately some want you to fail, they will ask you about how you are doing with a smirk on their face, waiting to hear that you have blown your bankroll with Kings against Aces. Don't alienate these people either, it is, believe it or not, a natural human reaction to revel in another's failure, schadenfreude we call it. Instead of challenging these people, just be honest and humble, it will take the wind out of their sails. The last thing you want to do is get in an argument about how well you are doing because that coaxes a standard response of 'we never hear about the losses though do we? (ironically it's the losses that most poker players talk to each other about more than anything).

It is very important to be humble and honest, both with others and yourself. When I started winning consistently I told anyone who would listen and acted as if I was a World Series bracelet winner - nobody cares. Yes I earn a lot of money from poker, but I have friends high up in the well paid ivory towers of big business who earn more than I do and they don't brag about it.

Share your success with others, for the first time ever last year I was able to splash out on Xmas presents for my family rather than stick to a budget. Whenever I make a final table my girlfriend gets taken out for a meal and a present, which makes poker exciting for her too.

Be honest with your employer and don't pull sickies to play poker. Mud does stick, especially in close nit office environments, having been a manager myself we always used to associate our suspicions of AWOL employees with what they knew about their social lives, if the gambler has one too many sick days we'd assume they were at Cheltenham or down the casino rather than at home in the bed.

You may think that when somebody doesn't welcome poker with open arms that they are against you, don't. They either don't understand it, don't want you to fail or don't want to fail themselves. Rather than alienating them, be open honest and objective with them - but don't ram it down their throats.

If all else fails, win the World Series - they'll soon change their tune.

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