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Hypnotism in Poker: Part 3

Hypnotism in Poker: Part 3 0001

Ok, it works. Not in a way that I was expecting, but something is different, in a good way.

I was expecting hypnosis would turn me into some sort of robotic alert poker observation machine; perhaps I would become a human computer who could memorise every bet made at my table and work out to a fraction of a percent what my opponent has. It hasn't, that would be boring anyway.

First of all, I've had a very profitable week. I've averaged winning a buy in every session of online poker I have played, has hypnotism helped? I think so. Any form of alternative therapy has the potential to have a placebo effect, that is, the power of expecting something to work might actually influence positively whether it does, I'm sure that this accounts for some of this.

I am a lot more observant though, I am paying a lot more attention to my opponent's hand, rather than my own. I am also a lot more considerate to things such as my image at the table and the emotional states of the other players. I pick up a little more on what I think my opponents will be thinking of me and how they expect to be able to get money off me.

This is not to say I am a perfect player now, I am still making mistakes and have lapses in concentration. A lot of my profit has come from sucking out in hands I shouldn't be in. Thankfully the hypnosis means that I am observant enough to realise how the beats in inflict will effect future hands I am in and I can change my style accordingly.

Perhaps the most noticeable difference with my online game is the very disciplined lay downs I have made and how well I have been able to replay a hand back in my head to assess whether I am ahead. Nothing robotic or Derren Brown-esque in my memory here, just structured disciplined thinking.

The biggest differences of all has been in live games. From the moment I sit at the table I am focussed and confident. Casinos are often very intimidating places (especially the ones I go to) and I usually just keep my trap shut and play my cards. Now I am much more vocal and much more, well, cheeky. Not in a Tony G or Mike Matusow, just prepared for a verbal battle if need be.

My live game, thus far, has been flawless. I cleared up in a cash game on Monday, nothing fancy just some ABC poker and last night I was in a big buy in tournament and didn't put a foot wrong.

Unfortunately one of my table did put a foot wrong. You see, no matter how good a hypnotist you have, no matter how intensive the therapy is or how susceptible you are to it; in poker you cannot defend against the player that seems to think calling an all in with Ace-Ten is a good idea.

The final thing the hypno has done for me was to accept the cracking of my Queens with good grace and a smile, I was of course gutted as you always are when you stump up £300 quid for an idiot to defy logic and send you home with nothing but a complimentary casino lemonade, but I didn't tilt (unlike a chap who hurled a cup of tea over the table in disgust a few hands earlier)

, and went straight home and made some of it back online.

I would recommend hypnosis to anyone who is considering using it. It hasn't made me a better player; it has kept me in the state of mind I am in when I am playing well, it has helped keep my in 'the zone'. I think I will go again for another session in the future, especially if my good form continues.

PS. If you think that it's a good idea to call pocket queens with Ace-Ten, maybe you should book yourself in for a session.

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