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More From the Paddy Power UK Tour (Full Results)

More From the Paddy Power UK Tour (Full Results) 0001

As we reported at the weekend, the Paddy Power Poker UK Tour came to a highly successful conclusion at The Sportsman casino in Marble Arch, London, much to the satisfaction of the sponsors themselves and to the ten players who made the cash prizes at the final table.

The ultimate winner was Vic regular Yilfet Sheuket (pictured on the left) who played a canny, aggressive game and saw off all of his enemies in the style of his adopted moniker, James Bond 007.

We were suitably impressed - here at UK Poker News - by the headdress worn by the winner throughout the tournament – two baseball caps at the same time – which marked this player out for stardom from the outset! Well played to Yilfet Sheuket.

The tournament commenced with an oversubscribed 80 players. At the dinner in the restaurant beforehand, several players arrived bemoaning the sell-out, as they had arrived expecting to pay themselves in. In defence of Paddy Power, their press releases were clear about this based on the earlier dates in the Tour.

Paddy Power PR man, Brendan Murray told us that the event at Banbridge in Northern Ireland was so oversubscribed that no less than 33 players elected to put themselves on the alternates list and 31 of them stayed to take their seats, the last of which was around midnight when the blinds were barely smaller than the starting stack. They are clearly dedicated players in the North.

One of the early birds at Banbridge was an online qualifier at Paddy Power Poker, Steven McArthur, from Edinburgh. Amazingly he also qualified to play at both his "home" Edinburgh leg and the London leg! This is a testament to his skill at the tables but also a measure of the opportunities available online at Paddy Power Poker. Steven paid a maximum $10 for his entries and twice missed the big cash on the UK Tour by a whisker, finishing 13th at both Edinburgh and London.

Another regular PPP UK Tour attendee, in fact playing at all six of the dates and finalling twice, was Martin "The Butcher" Dunne.

The London event last Friday was attended by a number of well-known UK poker players. World Strip Poker champion, Jon Young (albeit fully clothed) and Late Night Poker regular Koresh Nejad were in attendance but amongst those making it to the final table were "motormouth" Paul Parker, who finished 8th, Stuart Nash in 6th and serial final tabler in UK tournaments, Jeff Rogers, who cashed in a creditable 3rd for a $2,688 in prize money.

Outlasting Rogers, however, were Valee Ti-Singh and Yilfet Sheuket who fought a short heads-up battle in light of an enormous chip imbalance in "007's" favour. Sheuket called all-in bets twice and lost both times opening up a chance for a recovery by Ti-Singh. With suited JT, the all-in bet was made again but Sheuket was able to call confidently with A9 offsuit. The KQQ flop gave the smaller stack an open-ended draw but two small cards on the turn and river extinguished his challenge. Compensation arrived in the form of over £4,000 for finishing second while "007" cleaned up with £7,168.

Paddy Power's Poker Events Manager, Órla Roche said:

"The entire tour has been a fantastic way to meet grassroots poker players. There's nothing like the cut and thrust of live play and the interaction of people so it's been a great experience for everyone at Paddy Power Poker to be involved in and, we're sure, a great experience for most of the players too – well, at least the ones who cashed!"

Those who did cash also gained an entry into a special online freeroll sit'n'go tournament to win a ticket through to the massive Easter event, the €2,000,000 Guaranteed Irish Open in Dublin.

The full Paddy Power UK Tour final table results were as follows:

Edinburgh, 28th September 2006, Gala Maybury Casino

1st John McCombie — £2,100

2nd William Shields — £1,800

3rd Isabel Watson — £1,800

4th Lesley Devine — £1,800

5th Robert Griffiths — £1,800

6th Christopher Martin — £1,000

7th Richard Gill — £1,000

8th Elvio Marandola — £1,000

9th Mark Cuggy — £700

Newcastle, 15th October 2006, Aspers Casino

1st David Stephenson — £4,690

2nd Martin Dunne — £2,720

3rd Christine Brown — £1,360

4th Ifrikher Ali — £1,090

5th Hakan Ayke — £950

6th Brian Hunter — £815

7th Barry Burns — £680

8th Andy Wilson — £545

9th Mark Dolan — £410

10th Norman Little — £340

Birmingham, 26th October 2006, Broadway Casino

1st Chris Carr — £5,400

2nd Joe Kuumi — £2,700

3rd A Cartwright — £1,350

4th Adrian Bates — £1,080

5th Paul Jones — £810

6th Tom Smith — £675

7th David Mobbs — £470

8th Chen Tam — £408

9th Robert Hale — £338

10th Kowsar Chowdray — £270

Brighton, 1st November 2006, Rendezvous Casino

1st Sir Andrew Bowden — £2,625

2nd David Murphy — £2,625

3rd Martin Dunne — £2,625

4th Jaime Marza — £2,625

5th Joe Cameron — £950

6th Yusuf Cigerli — £650

7th Mark Sellwood — £550

8th Eric Christou — £400

9th Paul Nuttal — £250

10th Michael David Lambert — £100

Banbridge, 13th November 2006, Bridge Club

1st Lee Lindsay — £4,900

2nd Sean Donaldson — £2,500

3rd Damian McFall — £1,800

4th Mickey Reavey — £1,200

5th Alan Bowden — £800

6th Emmet Haughion — £500

7th Philip McCreary — £300

8th Frances Kattourait — £200

9th Keith gibson — £200

London, 1st December 2006, The Sportsman Casino

1st Yilfet Sheuket — £7,168

2st Valee Ti-Singh — £4032

3rd Jeff Rogers — £2,688

4th Parvez Rogers — £2,240

5th Malke Nasser — £1,792

6th Stuart Nash — £1,344

7th Lawrence Tyler — £1,120

8th Paul Parker — £896

9th Samir Jabak — £672

10th Andy Gilravey — £448

Ed note: Qualify for the €2,000,000 Irish Open by downloading Paddy Power Poker and claim a $500 deposit bonus too!

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