Student Poker Champions Rewarded at VC Poker

Student Poker Champions Rewarded at VC Poker 0001

VC Poker have launched a unique drive to reward student poker champions and identify young entrepreneurs of the future. The initiative is launched throughout UK universities and colleges giving thousands of students the chance to benefit both from cash winnings to help them pay their fees, plus unique opportunities of developing entrepreneurial skills which will help lay the foundations for future business careers.

The student initiative, now in its third year, will extend through all the UK's higher education institutions and will invite players, who must be aged over 18, to take part in tournaments individually and on behalf of their universities with entry either free or as little as US$5 (£3 sterling).

Commercially minded students will also get the chance to build a portfolio of real-life business experiences and to earn extra money towards their tuition fees through becoming VC Poker brand managers.

Student brand managers will be mentored by VC Poker and empowered to promote and manage online and land-based tournaments in their own place of learning. Successful young brand managers on campuses will earn extra cash with unlimited rewards for successfully growing their part of the business. There will also be additional prizes including the chance to appear in and even host their own televised live tournament.

The student brand managers will also work with VC Poker in setting up a series of tournaments with an estimated prize pool of over $100,000. The top players in the tournamentes will gain entry to the semi-finals of a national televised student competition. As well as individual prizes and incentives, the 2006-7 Student Poker Championship will include a sensational cash prize for the university or college which finishes top of the league at the end of a series of online tournaments.

Each tournament will offer points to the top finishers and these will be aggregated towards both University and individual student scores. At the end of the online tournament season the University or college with the top score will receive the cash prize of US$10,000 to be divided among players as well as ten seats for its top players to sit alongside those who have already won their places at the semi-finals of a televised tournament.

Lee Ferris, the Poker Marketing Manager for VC said: "We believe this is the world's most comprehensive student poker initiative which offers a unique mix of fun and opportunity to those taking part while at the same time giving students a real chance to pay off some of the costs of their all-important higher education.

"We are particularly proud of the development of our student brand manager scheme as we believe it is an opportunity for students to acquire real life business skills which will have validity on their CV's as they start out on commercial careers post-university."

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