EPT Dublin Day 1B Report

EPT Dublin Day 1B Report 0001

There were quite a few familiar names in today's 208 player field for the second starting day of the Dublin EPT. This meant there were some interesting pairings as top pros were drawn together. London EPT Champion Victoria Coren faced the Devilfish but Vicky was taken out very early when her pocket Aces were no match for Iwan Jones' 67o. Other battles featuring household names were Marcel Luske Vs Simon Trumper, Barney Boatman Vs Tony G and a scary table of death with Steve Vladar, Willie Tann, David O'Callaghan and Padraig Parkinson all sitting side by side. Yuck!

Julien Thew drew an interesting table of 8 Scandinavians including Finland's Juha Helppi. Thew was to last only 4 hours though and made his exit shortly after getting shortstacked with Tens in the big blind by running them into the button's Kings.

Greg Raymer got into trouble early and eventually met his end on level 3 when he ran A-T into Phil Peter's A-Q. The Hendon Mob's Joe Beevers and 2004 Champion Ram Vaswani were also both sent for early baths as were David Colclough, Julian Gardner, Barney Boatman and the Devilfish.

Tony G was given a warm Irish welcome by 78 year old Irishman Sean Fagan who seemed intent on putting the Aussie on tilt. There were unconfirmed reports that Sean put in half his stack against Tony and showed 7 high, then told Tony he saw him do it on TV. I went to the table to find out the truth and Sean said he'd never have a hand as strong as 7 high! The Aussie wasn't easily flustered though and despite playing very well all day and being forced to make several big laydowns he lost what appeared to be the first race he got involved in with 88 Vs AJ and was knocked out of the tournament.

Marcel Luske dominated his table for most of the day but bled off a large part of his stack later on. Pokerstars must have been happy with his performance as, by a miraculous coincidence, he drew seat 1 at the table directly in front of the largest Pokerstars banner in the room. On one occasion as I approached his table, I saw a 55K pot after a showdown with all of Ireland's Vinny McNamee's chips in the middle and most of Luske's. Vinny looked upset and as the dealer started passing chips Marcel's way I was wondering why he was still sitting down. Then the dealer passed him the other half of the pot! On a 2-2-K flop, Luske check raised and Vinny then went all in. Luske said he put him on AK but called because he thought a Ten, deuce or King would come. A 2 landed on the turn! What a player.

Swedish Star William Thorsson finished as the day's chip leader on 105K. We had 59 players remaining and later today they will join the 49 players from day 1A and play to a final table which will be played on Sunday 29th. The winner will receive €554,000.

Here are there current chipcounts combining Days 1A and 1B:

Jonas Helness 117,400

William Thorsson 106,700

Marc Goodwin 98,200

Kevin Vreeswijk 83,900

Paul Testud 77,100

Roy Brindley (Ireland) 71,600

Roland De Wolfe 70,700

Stuart Fox 69,800

Conor Doyle (Ireland) 69,600

Andy Black (Ireland) 69,000

Joakim Hammar 66,500

Hans Eskilsson 64,600

Simon Ehne 61,700

David Clayton 61,100

Adebayo Odetoyinbo 58,900

James Kerrigan 57,500

Andreas Hagen 56,100

Ara Melikian 54,800

Karin Lundgren 54,700

Nick Slade 52,600

Azad Pirooti 50,100

Jeffrey Garza 50,000

Luca Pagano 49,300

Fergal Mckeever 49,200

Steffen Kongelt 47,500

Peter Gould 47,200

Eoin Olin (Ireland) 47,100

Philip Peters 46,700

Patric Bueno 46,500

Paddy Mccloskey (Ireland) 45,800

Johnny Lodden 44,900

Ravi Udayakumar 44,600

Neil Channing 43,600

Ramzi Jelassi 43,100

Tore Lagerborg 42,200

Maximilianos Trigas 41,800

Walter Alecci 41,000

Christoffer Stahle 40,900

Gavin Simms 39,700

Katja Thater 39,500

Rune Nikolaisen 38,000

James Reid 37,200

Martin Wendt 37,000

Rob Young 36,700

David Pomroy 36,400

Willie Tann 36,400

Jimmy Dahlquist 35,700

Jonathan Lewis 35,100

Rob Hoopman 34,000

Pat O'Callaghan (Ireland) 33,000

David Murray (Ireland) 32,800

Jeppe Juhl 32,700

Niklas Walgren 32,000

Marc Friedmann 31,800

Patrick White 31,800

Magnus Jakobsson 31,500

Nadir Benkahla 29,700

Vinny McNamee (Ireland) 29,100

Reyaaz Mulla 29,100

Nick Gibson 29,000

Nichlas Saarisilta 28,400

Kambiz Kashi 28,200

Ches Denison 27,500

Simon Nowab 26,800

Jonathon Kreisner 26,300

Anders Berg 25,800

Anders Losvik 25,600

Ray Coburn 25,400

David Barnes 25,200

Andreas Vilson 24,700

Sasha Rosewood 24,400

Marcel Baran 24,200

Marcel Luske 24,000

Stuart Rutter 24,000

George Mckeever (Ireland) 23,800

Roland Xavier 22,700

Oliver Bosch 22,400

Gerald Lemke 22,300

Robert Taylor 22,200

Finnur Hrafnsson 22,000

Michael Rabenseifner 21,600

Michael O'Sullivan (Ireland) 21,400

Piero Compagnoni 21,000

Thomas Fougeron 20,800

Daniel Ryan 19,400

Daniel Wadman 19,300

Jon Priston 19,100

David Tavernier 18,600

Roman Makowski 16,500

Adrian Walshe 16,500

Christopher Swanstrom 16,000

Sean Donaldson 15,100

David O'Callaghan (Ireland) 14,700

Robert Binelli 13,200

Julian Grosjean 13,200

Ian Mctavish 12,800

Age Spets 12,800

Christoffer Sonesson 12,500

roi Elmaliah 12,000

Padraig Parkinson (Ireland) 12,000

Markus Deijfen 11,100

Noah Boeken 10,800

David Atrubin 9,800

George Geary 8,700

Ghite Anderson 8,400

Thomas Heining 8,200

Johan Storakers 7,600

John Gough 6,600

Pascal Perrault 5,300

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