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Purple Lounge Poker / FHM Tour Diary # 2

Purple Lounge Poker / FHM Tour Diary # 2 0001

After a four day break since the three tour stops last weekend at Oslo, Fredrikstad and Lillehammer, the FHM luxury bus powered into action again for weekend number 2 of the Purple Lounge Poker / FHM club and poker tour around the picturesque towns of Norway!

This time the weekend kicked off in Kristiansand. The town is five hours from Oslo by coach allowing plenty of time for the girls to practice their poker skills on the way, not that they need to! Only trained last month, Glen, the tour director, is extremely impressed with the speed and confidence with which these girls deal, having picked up the game very quickly indeed.

Once again, the reputation of the tour seemed to precede itself, with poker players that hadn't qualified eager to take part in the evening's events. The Havana club hosted a full tournament and the play was slow as everyone kept their cards tight, a trend we've seen throughout the tour to date. Even so, the play was eventually whittled down to the final table and the winners made their way through to the final with the UK resident pro, Simon Trumper, coming out top - although he won't play in the final!

That pleasure will go to the next three in line who were Anders (surname not to hand), Maria Davidsen and Daniel Pedersson. A 4-5 combo was enough to KO Daniel in 4th while Maria crashed out with two 6's on the board which matched her opponent's A-6 in hand. Simon won with the monster 9-4 against Anders' Q-8!

The second date of the weekend took the tour to Sandefjord where all the action took place at the Telegrafen Club. The tournament went smoothly and the winners secured their seats at the final with the following hands:

1st – Moren Stensrod

No hand details available (well, this is a diary and there's a bar nearby…..!)

2nd – Odd Erling Rimme

The monster 2-9 called the shorter stack's all-in Q-Q and the board obliged with a straight…5 8 J 7 10. As they say in the trade…that's poker!

3rd – Stian Johannssen

J-7 was no match for 9-6 on a 9 5 9 7 10 board.

Now, as has been explained in the last diary entry, these evenings typically start with a gaggle of willing locals outside the club. Those that pre-qualified online at Purple Lounge Poker to play are allowed in. Not everyone who qualified does turn up on the night so the spaces are filled by those waiting on a first come first served basis until the five tables are full. The rest are allowed in to the club by admission at the door.

As the evening wears on and the poker plays down to a final table, so the punters, by now with some drinks on board to relax them as the music plays over the PA, begin to look on and crowd around. It's a fun evening but some people – young, enthusiastic, unable to gauge their drink levels, you know the score – overstep the mark very occasionally.

Only, in this case, that person was one of the players! Tempers frayed and this individual received an enforced exit from the tournament. Not a great start to their weekend!

The final stage of the second weekend saw the tournament surprisingly full of women, with Tonsberg bucking the trend for male-dominated tables. The evening got off to a quick start with play faster than the previous two evenings and at one stage, the excitement was so much Simon Trumper managed to fall off his chair!

The final table was intense with the crowd getting quite vocal! The winning hands were:

1st – Nils Helge Eklow

2nd – Joakim Buchanan

3rd – Katherine Heimdal

The Tonsberg tournament brought the weekend's fun to a close and we have another few days to recharge until next weekend when the players that qualified for the Stavanger, Haugesund and Bergen tournaments will be treated to the sight of the gorgeous FHM girls dealing at their table.

Start the engine, driver!

Ed note: Big bonuses and special prizes can be won when you download Purple Lounge Poker the home of poker lifestyle!

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