The Showdown Poker Tour Gets Back on the Road

The Showdown Poker Tour Gets Back on the Road 0001

After a lengthy stop for refreshments and an unforeseen hold-up in France, The Showdown Poker Tour will roll into Tallinn, Estonia at the end of August for the third leg (previously scheduled 4th or even 5th leg) of the inaugural season.

The Tour was slated for a stop at the Barrière Casino in Trouville, France from 6th to 10th August but this was postponed. In an earlier article in UK Poker News, we had questioned whether there would be many participants at Trouville since it was scheduled to coincide with the climax to the World Series of Poker in Las Vegas, where most of the players who might find the odd spare €5,300 for the buy-in would most likely be found. However, it would appear that this fact was not the reason for the postponement. The reason given by the Showdown Tour was:

“Due to the current changes in the French gaming laws, our Trouville event in August will be moved to another casino within the Lucien Barrière casino group later this year. We are looking forward to releasing the new venue shortly.”

The next Showdown Poker Tour event will therefore be at the Reval Park Hotel & Casino in Tallinn, the attractive capital of Estonia. This venue is described as being:

“…a combination of Las Vegas entertainment and European manners. The entertainment centre with a gourmet restaurant is situated in the heart of Tallinn, hosts concerts and performances, provides special offers and has the newest slot machines and tables for roulette, Blackjack, Oasis Stud Poker and Baccarat.”

The tournament will have the usual €5,000 (+€300) buy-in and a capacity of 200 seats. Given that the first two events have attracted barely 20 players apiece, there is likely to be plenty of room! The great problem facing the Showdown Tour is the Catch 22 scenario in which few players willing to pay such a chunky sum to enter will do so when there have previously been just the three or four paying places at the final table and a top prize of modest proportions. But, without the players, the competitions will not catch on when they have to compete against the more established, well-respected - and cheaper – European Poker Tour events as well as a plethora of attractive tournaments in America and many other countries besides.

The Hendon Mobsters - Barny and Ross Boatman, Ram Vaswani and Joe Beevers - are contracted to play in these Showdown events, and Matt Savage is chalked in for Tournament Director duties, albeit he was unable to make Dublin due to competing demands from American TV.

After Tallinn, there are – or might be - four more events left in the Showdown Tour. However, according to the Showdown Tour’s official website, only two have definite dates. They are:

- 19th – 22nd October 2006: Casino Marienlyst, Elsinore, Denmark: €5,000 + €550;

- 27th – 30th November 2006: Casino Esplanade, Hamburg, Germany: €10,000 + €500

The other two tour venues originally scheduled were Trouville, as previously mentioned, and Vilnius, Lithuania (Reval Hotel Lietuva), a “date” that appears to have been “pending” from the outset.

All we can do here is “watch this space” and hope that the numbers for the events pick up from here on in so that the Showdown Poker Tour can at least be given a chance to shine and be a worthy addition to the European roster.

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