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Sunday Tournaments Round-Up

Sunday Tournaments Round-Up 0001

Sunday nights on the Internet are becoming big news for poker, with over $5m to play for across the leading sites, there’s no wonder interest is huge and records are being broken each week for the size of the fields and prize pools created. In just 3 tournaments alone across 3 sites a massive $3m was paid out in prizes. Here’s a quick look at who got the biggest portions of cake;

Without a doubt the most popular and biggest regular tournament on a Sunday night is the PokerStars ‘Sunday Million’, which guarantees a prize pool every week of a million dollars. The entry fee is a modest $215 but with daily satellites available, it regularly boasts a field of almost 6000 entrants and a prize pool of just under $1.2m. This week was no exception and 5921 players battled it out for almost 8 hours before a final table was reached. The final was a mixed international bag with players from Denmark, Estonia, U.S.A, and the U.K. After over an hour of play in the final a 4-way deal was done leaving $20,000 to be played for. In the end it was CardXFactor, who took the spoils and a first prize of just under $160,000. Here are the final table results in order of the finishing positions, however as a deal was done the prize money does not necessarily go in order;

1.CardXFactor (Stockton) $158,900

2.N00Z (Helsingor) $72,997

3.BigDaddy007 (AA) $68,032

4.SBRounder (Los Altas) $75,000

5.pkrooster (Thunder Bay) $36,710

6.cherson.27 (London) $29,605

7.CoronaC-Note (NWK) $23,091

8.vaike (Tallinn) $17,170

9.guayana (Caracas) $10,657

Party Poker also has its own ‘Sunday Million, which guarantees a prize pool of a million dollars for a $215 investment. This too creates huge interest amongst the internet poker fraternity and fields are growing each week for this tournament. Although there were fewer runners in this event than the PokerStars Million, the action was somewhat slower and it took a beard-growing 12 hours to get from 5232 players to just 1. Eventually ‘da_icestro’ emerged victorious, collecting $162,192. Here is a full list of the final table results;

1.da_icestro $162,192

2.andrewkole $88,525

3.pranoo 2005 $54,936

4.SofaKingsrry $44,427

5.Ricsonn $36,624

6.Marvin Garden $28,776

7.blatc $20,928

8.Ray Lam $15,696

9.westtexasman $10,464

Finally, Full Tilt had the $500 Main Event of their FTOPS (Full Tilt On-line Poker Series) on Sunday night. This tournament attracted entries from 1468 players and created $730,000 in prize money to be dished out. Again, this amount of players and such huge prize money created some slow action and it took almost exactly 9 hours to produce the victor, who was ‘crownnginger’ who took home $161,480 for their first place finish. One notable finish was Ben Roberts, who managed 6th place and along with Howard Lederer and Roland De Wolfe keeps up the good run of the bigger ‘names’ who have cashed in this years FTOPS events. Here is a list of the final table results and those all important payouts.

1.crownnginger $161,480

2.Phatigue $102,760

3.bmwmcoupe $74,317

4.credog $59,637

5.TheNorge $44,994

6.Ben Roberts $33,030

7.BlueOctopuz $21,286

8.richrobb1979 $15,415

9.timkrank $11,010

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