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All-in, Mr Bond?

All-in, Mr Bond? 0001

Daniel Craig, the new James Bond, has become quite a poker player after the filming of his latest film, Casino Royale. A poker sequence plays a large part in the film and apparently Craig picked up the "bug" during it's making.

Casino Royale will hold special interest for many poker players. The film, which is due for release in 11 weeks, features an exciting poker sequence. John Duthie, creator of the European Poker Tour, was brought in as an advisor for the poker parts of the movie. So, it's reasonable to expect the game play to be truth to life.

Duthie, commenting on the "behind the scenes" games, said. "let’s just say there were some extra-curricular sessions that went on off-set that were all down to the cast and crew. I think some were playing for their week’s wages."

The Daily Express reports, "The 38-year-old star, who had to learn how to drive a high-powered car and handle a gun convincingly for his Bond debut, revealed he has now become a card-sharp.Craig was taught to play a plausible hand of poker during the filming of gambling scenes in the forthcoming 007 movie Casino Royale."

Craig, who is due to star as James Bond in two more 007 movies, is the latest hollywood star to catch the poker bug. Texas Hold'em has already attracted big names such as UK hardman Vinnie Jones and Jennifer Tilly. If you're a regular live poker player, then who knows? you might be re-raising Mr Bond for the rest of his stack soon!

Casino Royale will premier on November 14th 2006 in London. The film is set for worldwide release on November 17th 2006.

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