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WSOP Round-Up – Events # 27 to 33

WSOP Round-Up – Events # 27 to 33 0001

We left the last round up knowing that good friend of UK Poker News, Padraig Parkinson, had finalled at Event # 27, the $1,500 No Limit Hold’em; this from a field of over 2,000! Read on for more about the outcome of this and many other British and Irish successes in the following few events. Finally, a Gold Bracelet made its way here too! But we’ve spoken plenty about that already as it was another of our regular contributors that was the proud recipient of the Bracelet in Event # 29!

Here we go, starting from Event # 27 where for once, no Americans occupied the three spaces on the rostrum:

Event # 27: $1,500 No Limit Texas Hold’em (2,126 entrants)

1. Matts Rahmn (Stockholm, Sweden) - Winner of Bracelet and $655,141.

2. Richard Toth (Miskolc, Hungary) - $333,729

3. Padraig Parkinson (Dublin, Ireland) - $203,139

Other notables: Rob Hollink 24th, Hoyt Corkins 30th.

UK/Ireland cashes: Padraig Parkinson 3rd ($203,139); Chris Bjorin 32nd ($8,706); Bhupinda Kohli 57th ($5,804); Donnacha O’Dea 86th ($4,353), Martin Henshaw 121st ($2,902).

Event # 28: $5,000 Seven Card Stud (182 entrants)

1. Benjamin Lin (Maryland, USA) - Winner of Bracelet and $256,620.

2. Shahram Sheikhan (Nevada, USA) - $171,080

3. Cyndy Violette (New Jersey, USA) - $102,648

Other notables: Mike Caro, 8th, David Singer 13th.

UK/Ireland cashes: None.

Event # 29: $2,500 Pot Limit Texas Hold’em (562 entrants)

1. John Gale (Bushey, UK) - Winner of Bracelet and $374,849.

2. Marcos Lechman (Ohio, USA) - $197,768

3. Kevin Ho (Florida, USA) - $103,408

Other notables: Joe Hachem 4th, Daniel Negreanu 38th.

UK/Ireland cashes: John Gale 1st and Gold Bracelet ($374,849) ; Iwan Jones 17th ($9,048); Christopher Howard 24th ($6,463); Carlo Citrone 27th ($6,463); Richard Redmond 29th ($4,524); John Hewston 44th ($3,878); John Shipley 45th ($3,878); Karl Mahrenholz 48th ($3,232).

Event # 30: $5,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em – Short-Handed (507 entrants)

1. Jeff Madsen (California, USA) - Winner of Bracelet and $643,381.

2. Erick Lindgren (Nevada, USA) - $357,435

3. Tom Franklin (Mississippi, USA) - $214,461

Other notables: ”Mad” Marty Wilson 15th, John Juanda 17th, Mats Gavatin 20th, Kenna James 22nd, Joe Beevers 30th, Jennifer Tilly 41st, Phil Hellmuth[/B] 44th.

UK/Ireland cashes: Jonathan Gaskell 5th ($119,145); Paul Foltyn 6th ($83,402); ”Mad” Marty Wilson 15th ($26,212); Joe Beevers 30th ($11,319); John Duthie 49th ($8,340).

Event # 31: $2,000 No Limit Texas Hold’em (2,050 entrants)

1. Justin Scott (Michigan, USA) - Winner of Bracelet and $842,262.

2. Farzad Rouhani (Maryland, USA) - $429,065.

3. Robert Bright (Nevada, USA) - $261,170

Other notables: Tony Bloom 16th, Dan Harrington 23rd.

UK/Ireland cashes: Tony Bloom 16th ($33,579); Kayshan Muthy 20th ($22,386); Graham Smith 24th ($18,655); Ian Fraser 35th ($11,193); Praz Bansi 73rd ($7,462); Mark Davis 118th ($3,731); Greg Hemphill 130th ($3,731).

Event # 32: $5,000 Pot Limit Texas Hold’em (378 entrants)

1. Jason Lester (Florida, USA) - Winner of Bracelet and $550.764.

2. Alan Sass (Nevada, USA) - $284,256

3. Stuart Fox (Birmingham, UK) - $142,128

Other notables: Kirill Gerasimov 9th, Nam Le 10th, John Shipley 14th, Cyndy Violette 16th, Joe Beevers 27th, Erik Seidel 34th, Patrik Antonius 36th.

UK/Ireland cashes: Stuart Fox 3rd ($142,128); John Shipley 14th ($17,766); Jeff Buffenbarger 23rd ($10,660), Gareth Darbyshire 25th ($10,660); Joe Beevers 27th ($10,660); Mark Teltscher 33rd ($7,106).

Event # 33: $1,500 Razz Seven Card (409 entrants)

1. James Richburg (California, USA) - Winner of Bracelet and $139,576.

2. Carlos Mortensen (Nevada, USA) - $94,908

3. Steven Diano (Nevada, USA) - $61,411

Other notables: Eric Foehlich 10th, Peter Costa 23rd.

UK/Ireland cashes: Peter Costa 23rd ($4,466); Chris Bjorin 32nd ($2,233); Bhupinda Kohli 36th ($2,233).

Great joy for the Bracelet winners and pain for those who suffered bad beats when it mattered. History was made with Jeff Madsen, a mere 21 years of age, claimed a second Bracelet of the Series, following Eric Froehlich who has already done this at a more ancient 22!

Many Brits cashed high in the events so let’s hope that continues to be the trend as the Big One approaches.

Event # 34, the $1,000 Unlimited Rebuy No Limit Hold’em is down to the final table. Phil Hellmuth is big chip leader, while small stack is Tony G. Are we the only people hoping that Tony G doubles up a couple of times and maybe, just maybe, goes heads up with Phil. No, we thought not!

They won’t be alone. Juha Helppi of Finland and David Plastik of the USA are two other heavyweight poker names at that final table. It should be worth watching.

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