Hurry Up Harry, We’re Going Down The Pub!

Hurry Up Harry, We’re Going Down The Pub! 0001

For those who like a mature but feisty brew, the title of this feature will be recognised as coming from the original Sham 69 punk-rock classic “Hurry Up Harry” rather than the re-hashed version made for the current World Cup in Germany, “The People’s Anthem” (that sports the lyrics “Hurry Up England, We’re Gonna Win The Cup!”).

And it is down the pub that we are being invited to proceed by a brand new Poker League in the UK, conveniently named “Poker In The Pub”! The incentive? A seat at the World Series of Poker!

The “Poker In The Pub” League has been created to give poker players a chance to enjoy a game of cards in pleasant and familiar surroundings with friends and colleagues. Although the evenings are about fun, “Poker In The Pub” wishes to emphasise that the League does have a serious element with high value prizes to be won at both the Regional and National Finals.

The League is being sponsored by and will run three times in a year, the first commencing towards the end of July.

The idea is that, at the end of each 12 week session, a Regional Final is held over a weekend for each region. Here, the players participate in a live poker final with the chance to win a host of prizes, given out to every player who makes the final table. On top of that, the ultimate winner qualifies for a place in the National Final to be held in May or June of the following year, one of whom has the chance to win an all-expenses-paid World Series of Poker seat in Las Vegas.

If you are not a Regional Final winner, you may still qualify for the National Final by making it as a Top Ten Points Scorer, or one of the Top Ten Average Points Scorers.

The Regions (in alphabetical order) are:

East Anglia

East Midlands


North East

Northern Ireland

North West


South East

South West


West Midlands


If this is of interest to any public house, there are two ways of joining. If a pub has held poker evenings before, then it can be signed up without further ado. If not, then “Poker In The Pub” will offer a trial run in which they come along and set up everything for the pub, including providing an agent to handle all the dealing. After the event, they will discuss with the landlord how the evening went and allow the pub to decide if it worked. If everything is positive and the pub wishes to go ahead and join the League, it will be signed up. Marketing materials are made available to assist the pub in its arrangements.

If you are a player and would like to play in the League, you will need to examine the site map for a note of the nearest participating public house in your Region. If there are at least eight players and you feel you could form a pub team nearer than the current participating pubs, you can inform “Poker In The Pub” who will contact the pub landlord to see if it is feasible to include the nominated pub in the League.

At present, the website is in final stages of construction and is expected to go live for applications by the end of June giving everyone plenty of time to get their orders in.

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